12 September 2012

Uzas Google tradukilon en viaj paĝoj

Bv uzi Google tradukilon por viaj paĝoj. Tie estas 64 lingvoj en la tradukilo. La transporto paĝo de mia lando elektis nur kelkajn lingvojn, certe, Esperanto estas nea en la paĝo.

Mi kredas ke Google ankaŭ ĝoja se ni uzas ĝian tradukilon. Ĉu ne ?

Google rolls out the Esperanto translator, but many Esperantists do not know how to utilise the facilities provided by Google.

Maybe this blog is a little fortunate that it is a part of the Google and the company is already waiting to promote the products, thus, all bloggers of blogspot are given the choice to link or decline.

But, many agencies, include the government in many countries are using Google translator to facilitate the users for a quick read. Certainly, the contents are not 100% accurate, even human translators may also have done errors. At least, there is a chance for those who do not understand Esperanto are able to take a look of the page especially those important sites like UEA, TEJO, Pasporta Servo and of course organisations like IKEF, religion pages etc.

I have this problem when I highlighted the Esperanto BEK course in Hainan University. Many of my readers and friends do not understand a word of Esperanto, and how they would understand the content of the course. How the organisation is able to sell the product –Esperanto.

If I can read the page well, I do not need to go there for the course. What I am encouraging the readers and friends are Hainan Island is the nearest to Malaysia and you can change your life in 3 weeks if you attend this course, which is from beginner to advanced levels. Of course, many are still in doubts how on earth one can learn a language in 3 weeks.

Most of the intensive courses are held in European countries, which is a big sum of money for the airfare from Malaysia.

When more people got to understand what Esperanto is, the chances of getting them to study is higher. In Malaysia, we are forced to learn many languages when we are in the infant stage,thus learning another language which is also A B C, is a killing task ( the main killing task is English language as we have to memorise all the irregular since kindergarten) and it would not interest many.

Creative is a must that Esperantists should always consider to highlight in their daily work. I know many Esperantists are full time in other work and part time in Esperanto movement. Me as well. :)

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