31 October 2011

Is English the most difficult language to learn ?

These few days, I am totally in search of the official data of the most difficult language and the easiest language for learning.

I came upon this page and it is true that we have to be more alert when talking about the hardest or easiest language in learning.

Now, I do question Esperanto is the easiest language in the world. I need that evident.

English is the hardest language to learn

Will this report surprise you?

Yes, certainly, it is to me. I have to confess that I told my expupils that English is the easiest language in the world. I was so ignorance of Esperanto.

Now, this one have changed my concept about English.

English is the toughest European language to learn.

30 October 2011

Would there be sufficient Maths and Science text books in Esperanto ?

The PAGE, a parents' group who demand for the teaching of Mathematics and Science subjects in English has threatened the government to vote for the opposition if the ruling party does not meet their demand.
This silly group consists of highly educated people but did not know the best education system is in Finland not America.

The America is strong is not because it is the English language, it is because they don't have to learn foreign languages and can save 16 billion dollars a year. If America needs to invest like Malaysia, 3 languages for the people to learn in Primary schools till the high schools even university, I don't think America would be that strong besides the income from the sales of reference book and text books, audio visual aids and movie.

29 October 2011

Southe East Asia is the largest group of English language speakers

South East Asia has the largest number of English speakers. Do you agree ?
Well, you can find the data of it  at  2.04 minutes of this short film.

I did not know how and where they derived the data. As a member of South East Asia, I did not agree to that. If the data is true, it is showing English is not as what the net data said it has billion of speakers.

28 October 2011

Plibonigus Esperantajn vortojn

Mi volas kontrubui mian pensadon pri la novaj vortoj kiuj mi pensus ke estas bonaj vortoj por plibonigi esperanton.

Nun, Esperanto sekvas la anglan aŭ eŭropan manieron por uzi familian saluton.

26 October 2011

Budget of EU

Certainly I have no right to comment on this issue. It is all the right of people in the member states of EU.

From the suggestions of the Esperantists to put Esperanto in EU to save more money until now is still not yet been moving much. I do agree with 2-2.se that many politicians are lazy to learn a new language, Esperanto.

25 October 2011

You pay for the costs if you want your language to be in the world organzations, be fair to others.

This article shocked me and anger me a lot. It also forced me to think why people never care for the poor but just for self glory.
Well, simple and straight act, all the underdeveloped countries and developing countries or countries which do not make these six United Nations official languages as their national languages to consider the new sphere of thought.

The six UN official languages are ENGLISH, SPANISH, CHINESE,FRENCH,ARABIC,RUSSIAN. Since most of the countries and also people are not using these languages,all the translation costs should be bear by these six countries.

23 October 2011

Esperanto University in Malaysia

The words keep playing in my minds for many weeks now. I think I have to write it out and someone please let the AIS know the possibility to keep Esperanto University surviving.

I have to confess that I could not fully understand the report at the Libera Folio about the AIS programme, which, perhaps might be discontinued in a few years time.

At the same time, I would like to stress that I am not a politcian and neither I am a member of opposition party. I am impartial to the political parties.

Recently I did write about an article for the Indigenous people here. I advised them to learn Esperanto and study in Esperanto University—AIS, external programme but now AIS is facing the closure.

22 October 2011

Go down to do the field work

I did not how the UEA or other Esperanto associations gather the information about the activities in the region or the country.

However, my personal feeling after reading the report from the KAEM and some communication with the senior Esperanto speakers, I felt that it is very unrealistic to collect the data based on the spur of the moment activities.

09 October 2011

No one tells this new country there is a language called Esperanto ?

At first thought, I was annoyed but on the second thought I did not.


Perhaps, no one tells the leadership of this country there is an easy learning language which is called Esperanto and is recognised by UNESCO.

07 October 2011

Esperanto failed project--Oomoto

I was twitting about the Oomoto religion which has 54,000 followers in Japan and there should have a possibilty to bump into one of the Esperanto speakers when one is in Japan.

But a German Esperanto speaker told me not the case as the wiki said the fluent Esperanto speakers of Oomoto is 1,000.

This shocked me and later I asked a senior Ooomoto follower and he confirmed that there is no such big number of Esperanto oomoto followers.

Is Cuba teaching Esperanto in the schools now ?

I watch this Cuba strong man in the youtube.


I also listen to the Cuba Esperanto radio online and download it to share with friends during my promotion of Esperanto.

But, just wondering Cuba has started teaching Esperanto in the school ?

04 October 2011

Why these organisers of Esperanto congress never using the free promote info site ?

Sometime ago, I wrote a piece of blog post which was talking about the creativity of Esperantists and suggested that some Esperantists who were in the promoting front lines should take the Creativity of Promoting 101 course.

Now I am back again to talk about it on this again with more critical view.

La Esperanta listo de ŝtatoj en Malajzio

In view of the 97th International Esperanto Congress which will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, here I compiled a list of states (province) in Esperanto.

There might be someone who like to visit Malaysia too before or after the congress. To avoid the confusion to the local people, who might be able to understand the Esperanto pronunciation, I just added an O to the end to signified it is a noun but still maintain in capital letter for all the proper nouns, that is, the names of the states and the capital cities of the states.

My remainder would be when you are in Malaysia, just pronounce the place without the O sound and that would be as close as to the local people here, but unfortunately, there is no / e / (inverted e) sound, thus, there might be a little off the local pronunciation , however, it is still manageable to understand it.

La Esperantan listo en malajzio kaj chefurbo de la ŝtatoj

La lando estas Malajzio


Sxtatoj (provinco)                             Chefaj urboj de la ŝtatoj

Perlis-o                                                Kangar-o

Kedah-o                                              Alor-Star-o

Pulaux-Pinang-o                                   George Town

Perak-o                                                 Ipoh-o

Selangor-o                                             Shah-Alam-o

Negeri-Sembilan-o                                 Seremban-o

Melako                                                  Bandar-Melako 

Jxohor-o                                                Jxohor-Baru-o

Kelantan-o                                             Kota-Baru-o

Terengganu-o                                         Kuala-Terenggnu-o

Pahang-o                                                Kuantan-o

Sarawak-o                                              Kuching-o

Sabah-o                                                 Kota-Kinabalu-o



* These are the Federal Terrtory, thus no capital cities.