24 January 2011

Sarawak and Sabah should take the lead to teach Esperanto

The picture of the kids reminded me of my visit to the land of hornbill 2 decades ago. But the living condition is nothing much changed. Poverty is still dwelling in the community.

They are my brothers and sisters. We are not the same blood clan. We live in the same country but separated by the South China Sea.

23 January 2011

How many idioms does Esperanto have ?

I am afraid of idioms. These words are a threat to many learners if they are not native speakers.

Look what wiki says about English:

There are estimated to be at least 25,000 idiomatic expressions in the English language.

I could not find the Esperanto idiom list. Is there one?

Hope some Esperanto speakers can help.

20 January 2011

Distancan studandon de San Marino Universitato

Fine, it is a good news here that San Marino University Esperanto section has the distance learning programme.

I am glad that at least some form of changes are going on.

This is the mail I got from the San Marino:

Jes, AIS San Marino organizas distancan studadon, tamen vi devos persone iri al la fina ekzameno. Kaj ni organizas distancan studadon nur en la fakoj, pri kiuj ni havas sufiĉe da fakuloj.

Well, now, why many Esperanto Associations in the world never mention this ? Perhaps, the Esperantists need to surf the Forumo-Esperanto ASOAN(ASEAN) more often to get the updates instead waiting for the Esperanto associations to feed you the up date.

Now it is time for the Esperanto Associations to team up with San Marino to help the poor students in the respective countries to upgrade themselves.

I have mentioned it earlier that Esperanto Associations can act as the tuition center to provide tutorial classes and at the same time, can also generate some income and memberships. One stone kills two birds but the Esperanto associations are not doing it.

18 January 2011

17 January 2011

A small act by using VSM

Neutral stand for Esperantists.

Well, I am not an Esperantist in this case. I have discontinued my subscription of Reader's Digest and National Geographic.

These magazines are my favourite and they have been with me for ages.

I shall wait till these two magazines have the Esperanto versions and continue with the subscription in Esperanto version. Certainly, I would buy the magazine in Esperanto which is produced by Chinese Esperanto Association.

It is my personal act. Yes, a very small act to do my part to use the VSM.

We are not neutral when we are borne. We have to go to the polling station to cast the vote for one whether you like or not.

Justice and fair should be the aim of Esperantist. Sitting on the fence attitude will not face the onslaught of the powerful.

If you like to show that you are going to tell the abovementioned magazines to publish in Esperanto. Do you part.

15 January 2011

Esperanto University in Malaysia

Of late, many chats with friends,especially the Esperanto speakers.

Certainly, my complaints will not end until I see or hear that there is a college or university is using Esperanto as the medium of instruction.

New slogan for Esperantists, is perhaps needed.

I don't say that things were good in the past is bad for now. Just as many were arguing that what was good in the past is bad for now, for example the theories of the great philosophers.

Here I would like to say is that Esperantists have to walk forward with different images and ideas in the digital world.

I read many comments that Esperanto is supposed to be neutral in the politics. Well, we are borne in the era of politics, good and bad, range from the family, office to the society.

If the Esperantists were not using the political powers, the UNESCO would not dispatch the message to recommend Esperanto as an International Auxiliary Language (IAL). These types of comments can be easily found on the net from different camps of construction language supporters for example Ido etc.

Not only Esperantists should be wise to see which side to support, but also all human beings must know what is wrong and right. However, justice and fair should be the new slogan for Esperantists perhaps.

Politics is the distribution and manage the use of resources of a society. Is it wrong to voice it out when others making use of the resources wrongly?

It will be nice when the 2011 UK in Denmark, perhaps will some manifesto and called Copenhagen Manifesto.

What I hope the most is Education issue.

Unfortunately I am not able to there, otherwise, I would present a paper of it. But, I am not neutral in politics but would be fair and justice.

12 January 2011

No Esperantists are psychologists

I got this from the change.org but it left me with some questions.

1. No esperantists are in the autism line to carry on with the research?

2.No psychology students of esperanto interested in this topic ?

3.Why ?


It looks like no one knows that we actually did have several Chicago Public Schools teaching Esperanto to 5th graders and to a number of autistic students.
For the autistic kids, Esperanto introduced order into their language with simplification of grammar that confounds people trying to learn English. Those kids were better able to learn English (and communicate with their family and friends) after first getting a grasp on basic communication.
For the other kids, Esperanto introduced language without the burden of grammatical speed-bumps that interfere with learning national languages. In other words, they had immediate success and were therefore not put off from language the way kids get when starting with English to learn French, Italian, Spanish, or Latin.
There were kids in other parts of the USA learning Esperanto too, thanks in large part to the efforts of R Kent Jones, who is no longer with us, and many others. Kent would teach the teachers by phone and mail so that they could keep up with the kids who were eagerly racing forward.  :)
This was an experiment that worked, with no budget, no new teachers. The problem was that it relied entirely on volunteers, grassroots efforts, and evening/weekend time to teach the teachers just a few chapters beyond where they were teaching their students. An official program would help to establish the program into something more self-sustaining.
I taught myself Esperanto when I was in high-school, around 1980. This helped me with further studies of Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, and other languages. I don't claim fluency in these, but at an early age I came to understand the structure of language and that helped me to understand any language I later studied. It also allowed me to become more of a world citizen, understanding people in other countries through direct communication.  That is one of the greatest benefits that all Americans can derive by learning this language.
Tony Gravagno
Former President, Esperanto Society of Chicago

Did Cuba introduce Esperanto in school ?

I was trying hard to look for the report of Cuba which has introduced Esperanto in the school system. But I failed. I wish someone who knows the website, please leave your link.

The Brazil has introduced Esperanto in 2009 as the websites reported.

Bahasa Esperanto telah di kenalkan di negara Brazil pada tahun 2009. Di harap Malaysia juga menjadi salah sebuah negara mengajar bahasa Esperanto untuk menjimatkan kos dan melatih lebih 'polyglot' yang ramai telah tahun bahasa Esperanto ada kesan propaeduetic

Anything to say ? Any chance for Esperanto ?

Well, the UEA or other Esperanto Association would like to say something or prefer to lay quiet?

Yes, the literacy for what language ?


Don't kill the talents, please, the world leaders.

Well, this report also reflected in many countries in ASEAN, for example, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, which make learning of English a compulsary task for the pupils but they, the leaders never think of how much they use the language. That goes as well to China to make passing of English a must for some universities and they are killing the talents. Hope China has realised that and introduced Esperanto as a subject.

“Too often the teaching was too uninspiring and did not bring the language to life for pupils,” they add.
One barrier is the fact that they have little opportunity to speak the language they studying.
Well, teachers all the time shoulder the blame.

Inspectors complained that “teachers’ lack of use of the target language to support their pupils’ routine use of the language as well as opportunities for them to talk spontaneously” was hampering delivery of the subject.
Esperanto is a very low cost in economy of language.

Thus, if more leaders in the world could realise that what is the cost and propaedeutic effects of language learning, certainly, Esperanto is the best choice, cxu ne ?

This is the discontinue GCSE Esperanto vocabulary list. Who is to be blamed in this case ?  Can this be revived ?

Candidates for the (now-discontinued) NEAB GCSE examination in Esperanto were expected to know the words in these lists. Basic level vocabulary is shown in boldface type.

11 January 2011

Only one Esperanto university and you are happy about it ?

Recently, I was totally speechless when I was faced with some questions about the Esperanto.

In fact I did think about it before but this time I was totally speechless when they asked me this question:

09 January 2011

Should it be Esperanto or others ?

I think I am all the time in and out of this thinking quesiton. Time and again, people argue about what and why the Esperanto is to be the international auxiliary language (IAL) or should other constructed language be.

With little knowledge of other 899 constructed languages, as the web said it has 900 constrcuted languages in the world now and soon there will be another with Asian flavour out as a part of Esperanto,I am confused in actual fact why many people still battling for the constructed language to be used since UNESCO has 'recognised' Esperanto ( wondering it is recommending or recognising Esperanto).

Certainly Esperanto has come a long way and paid a high price for it with the 'crazy' country leaders who would see a language related to the 'left' or 'spy' images.

The arguments and suggestions on promoting Esperanto have been flooded everywhere online as well at the coffee table. Hope it would one day in the UN conference. As many still remain in the earlier days' idealogy, they still do not feel the time is flying and the languages are dying in the speed of seconds due to the imperialism, it may not be English but it could be any languages in a country that show power over the others.

However, it is still the reality comes to defuse fantasy.

06 January 2011

Will you go to this forum ?

If you ask me, i would not go and I don't encourage people to go despite there is a language that I know of.

The reason is the language that they use in the website still, borrow words from Dr Robert Phillipson, the Imperialist language beside one which is not.

Many think with the word WORLD and would quickily jump into the wagon. But after learning Esperanto, I view from different perspective and would not take part in these so called World acitivities.

Every acitvity that is organise using the imperialist language, would give the participants the image of the language is better than others.

Time and money wasted in translation is a huge cost in these forums. But, many still like it but where is the  Esperanto world peace forum ? Don't tell me the UK. I heard enough of it.

05 January 2011

BFM Radio

Today was a day that made me sit up right. At least, I am still in the GOOD mood when I am writing this post.

The local business radio station BFM was having a programme on the topic : Transfer of English teachers to rural areas.

Yes, many rurul areas are lacking of dedicated teachers. In Malaysia, you can find your way not to work in the rural areas. The silly government makes the rule that if the pupils do not pass English, not chance to study in university.

Thus do you see the point, that how I am pained to my ass that the UEA does not consider to form a distance learning univerisity to help not only in Malaysia but also throughout many ASIAN countries.

Why I am happy, because, at least the host of the programme Caroline did response to my feedback.

BFMradio Interesting suggestion but who would you send to the rural areas to teach Esperanto?  ( This question would be for you to tell Caroline )                               

BFMradio   Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Below are the facebook and twit response.

BFM Radio - The Business Station EVENING EDITION TALKBACK: "Transfer of English Teachers to Rural Areas" - could it be done better, more fair? Call 7710 9000 NOW!

BFM Radio - The Business Station EVENING EDITION w/ Caroline Oh: TALKBACK topic 4 2day "Transfer of English Teachers 2 Rural Areas". Tweet ur thoughts or sms 016 201 9000

EVENING EDITION TALKBACK topic "Transfer of English Teachers to Rural Areas" - is gender also making a difference? SMS 016 201 9000 or tweet

EVENING EDITION w/ Caroline Oh: "Transfer of English Teachers to Rural Areas" - emulate corporate incentives to sweeten the deal? Agree, no?

EVENING EDITION w/ Caroline Oh: "Transfer of English Teachers to Rural Areas" - emulate corporate incentives to sweeten the deal? Agree, no?

EVENING EDITION w/ Caroline Oh: TALKBACK topic 4 2day "Transfer of English Teachers 2 Rural Areas". Tweet ur thoughts or sms 016 201 9000

  • @BFMradio Try it urself, to see how easy #esperanto language is http://www.lernu.net

  • @BFMradio Key in #esperanto in twitter,you can find how many twitters are esperantists.

  • @BFMradio Children in the rural areas have been deprived of learning. Give them #esperanto and let them have a life.

  • @BFMradio Malaysians need to realise #esperanto needs only 200 hrs of learning. Read Robert Phillipson's book.

  • @BFMradio No. The job of a teacher is to serve the ppl and the country. Can a soldier says not go to war? #esperanto

  • http://bfm.my/

    04 January 2011

    Verda Stela Mono (VSM)

    It was interesting chat with the Esperantist on the twitter. Please pardon me, I still prefer to use Esperantist instead of Esperanto speaker. Just as one Esperantist ask me, do you say you are English or English speaker.

    Well, let it rest there. What I want to say the interesting point is the Verda Stela Mono (VSM).

    As I have written in the earlier post about the EVE, and it is time to consider the VSM.

    According to a conference report few years ago held in Bangkok, Thailand said that the * PINK dollars in Thailand contributed to 14% in the commercial sector.

    I am certain many Esperantists would oppose to this sort of VSM suggestion. As I put it to my Esperantist friend in twitter: It is difficult for me to promote Esperanto in Malaysia if there is no hard fact about the 'advantage' of learning Esperanto, hard fact sheet needed.

    Again I said in the twit that many Esperantists are language lovers. They could hardly go beyond the hobby zone. I did a survey in facebook, though not many people response, with the few responses, most of them are language lovers, they have learnt many difficult languages like French, Spanish etc and Esperanto is just another language that for passing time. With few stating the Esperanto is for meeting friends and travelling around the world. One or two said that it is for equality and fairness.

    All have valid reasons. But what is more important fact is:

    The Esperantists must bring home money to feed the family.

    This is what I twit again.

    Why learn Esperanto if it is merely for hobby ? For travelling ? I don't need Esperanto to travel and for equality and fairness, ideology.

    Why a person learn a language if not for money or education which are all close to life.

    Yes, Esperantist do not ask for Esperanto hotel staff to stay in. They do not ask for Esperanto speaking tour guide. But they ask for English speaking or German speaking, which ever language which is closed to him/her if h/she could not get someone who is able to speak his/her language.

    VSM ,the Green Star Money, is like the PINK dollars.

    The Esperantists should only stay in the hotel, guest house etc who could provide Esperanto speaking staff. With the modern technology, it is easy to ask with an email and lernu.net comes with some many languages for learning. If they cannot provide one, tell them to learn online. If Esperanto is proven to be an easy language, they would be able to train the staff within 2-3 months.

    Now I know Nepal has two tour companies which provide Esperanto speaking guides but they do not train the shopkeepers to learn Esperanto. The Nepal Esperanto Association need to have a more comprehensive plans.

    If you can get 100 Esperantists to send me the email saying you need Esperanto speaker guides to visit Malaysia, I shall forward it to the Malaysia Tour Operator Association. If you can get 100 Esperantists to email me about visiting the local temples and churches, I shall send a report to the Malaysian Buddhism Association and Christianity Association.

    Malaysia may not be the same as other countries. We speak multilingual daily. Even just the Chinese tribe, they are in speaking different dialects daily ranging from Guangdong, Min nan, Kejia, Haina, Fuzhou etc. Yes, we need fact, the fact how Esperanto could provide us VSM. English can provide many people chances to have a good job in the banks, schools etc but Esperanto is not.

    United is the word for change. It is united that we can be stronger.

    Yes, neutral is a part of culture in Esperantists. But, it is wrong to ask for an Esperanto speaking guide or hotel staff ?

    Malaysia is not a monolingual country. Unlike China or Thailand that learning English is for fun and they don't use it at all in the daily life. Once in a blue moon, they may see a 'lao wai' or 'farang' and English is used.

    If the Esperantists can create a unity way of life to let VSM speak, Esperanto would certainly be a part of language in Malaysia. I don't dare to say in ASEAN but no hard in trying in Thailand and Indonesia.

    *PINK dollars are the money that the gays, homosexual group use to spend in the shops which are not homophobic or gay friendly. They will put a rainbow flag as symbol to tell the homosexual group they don't discriminate them.

    I dream it again

    Whenever I read about external studies or off campus course, my heart beat faster. It is as if that the Esperanto University is offering that and millions of souls are saved.

    But the reality is a DREAM.

    Isn't dream can be reality ?

    Here is another development in the kangaroo land,

    I kept asking why Esperanto cannot be doing something like this ?

    Not all the people in Asian countries have the money to go to university or even stay in school for more than 5 years. But with Esperanto, it would help them to be a better trained person.

    Love Deakin's words : Deakin at Your Doorstep

    01 January 2011

    Felicxan Novjaron

    When the new year day of 2011 is wagging its tail into history in the Eastern part of the earth, there is the beginning of the head of the new year day of 2011 in the Western part of the earth.

    Yes, it is still able to say:

    Felicxan Novjaron al cxiuj.

    It is the first year in my life that I use this language ESPERANTO to replace Happy New Year and many of my friends too have seen this phrase the first time in their lives.

    Life will change for me and hope for them too.

    Still in lots of confusion about language and of course, Esperanto is a part of it.

    Just hope more of the information could be available and Esperanto will be a part of it in Malaysia.

    Elkore dankegas al cxiuj tiuj, kiuj helpis min en la mondo de esperanto. Dauxrigas suteni min bonvenon.