27 June 2012

Esperanto TED 2

I was shocked to find TED has its X almost all over the world for some years despite my calling in the previous post.
There is a forum discussion in lernu about this topic, the Esperanto TED, but, the discussion did not come to a fine point. Most of them keep saying the TED has the translation of Esperanto.

Well, now what I want is to have the other languages translate from the Esperanto TED programmes.

Just a search on the google site, I found almost entire ASEAN has the TEDx team and members to do the job for the company TED.

Well, the forum discussion have some people who are too clever to know what it is and what it is not. But sadly to say that, those participated in the forum are merely language lovers but not Esperanto movers. They are the pessimistic  Esperanto speakers.

26 June 2012

The number of Esperanto speakers in the world

This is not the first time that I complain about the false information in the net, especially the wikipedia. The data in English wikipedia as at 26th of June still put this:

Estimates of Esperanto speakers range from 10,000 to 2,000,000 active or fluent speakers, as well as native speakers, that is, people who learned Esperanto from their parents as one of their native languages.

The Chinese wikipedia:


Now look at the local newspaper which reported in my country. It is the same as most of the people would search the web and to see how big is the population of Esperanto speakers.

25 June 2012

Esperanto 101 for the Lingusitic course students and Lingusits

For many, losing his/her mother tongue is just like throwing away the old towel, he/she can use the new one. He/she can use to the new language and start to adapt to the new culture that the other tribe is using.

Losing of a mother tongue language is like losing a big part of land on earth. But many do not sense it. It is the same in Malaysia that many policy makers are trying to take away the land that other people already have for thousands of years.

24 June 2012

Manila Esperanto Tourism Manifesto

A decade has passed, nothing concrete action was done post the Manila Manisfesto of Esperanto torusim.

I could not get more info of the development of this manisfesto. I wish someone, especially the Esperantists can furnish me with some texts or websites so that I could write about it in the local paper, with hope, to awake the local toursim industry to consider putting Esperanto as a part of their business.

Money talks

The Rio +20 was over and the konkurso de esperanto in the top ten question was a NIL. I was disappointed that many esperantists did not know about this voting.

To my dismal when I got a reply from Stefano Keller that he sent mails to all the Esperanto Asociation in the world till his email was blocked by Gmail.

The funny question is the so called 2 millions esperanto speakers where are you ?

22 June 2012

Will Europe countries choose Esperanto as second language ?

I got this from the Eulang at the facebook. Hope the leaders of the EU could consider the low cost second foreign language instead of others. The language lovers may learn more, of course.

Esperanto Literature Month in November

It is good to know that there is an Esperanto reading contest. This is called the Esperanto Sumoo.This is not the sumo wrestling. This took me back to my earlier post of Esperanto writing month.

The National Novel Writing Month which I took part before I started to learn Esperanto, it really gave me the habit of writing, thus you can read my blogs very often.

18 June 2012

Funny thoughts

There is an Esperantist.
He criticises English a lot but he did not criticises Spanish, his mother tongue and is also his national language.

He is annoyed with English of killing mother tongue of others, but he still support Spanish and even made lesson to teach Spanish.

Well, now, he did not realised that Spanish had killed many languages in the past and now left with him still, the Spanish language. What about his mother tongue ? He did not know. He has too many bloods in his body.

In fact, this post would anger few, maybe some of the Esperanto speakers. It is a fact and it is my personal opinio. I hurt no one and no intention to criticise anyone.

The next move for the Esperantists to consider.

This is the many times that I talk about the Esperanto money --Verda Mono. But how many Esperantists would trying to use the power in the hands to do something about it instead keep complaining about the people are not willing to learn Esperanto, the government is not introducing the Esperanto into the schools.
Act now, if you really want to see Esperanto become the world second language soon.

I read about this article and that annoyed me a lot. Look at the Barclays Bank. It supported the Pink Dot in Singapore. Is it because many gays and lesbians are the account holders of Barclays ?

I don't go against gays and lesbians. I support it too for the equality of love and true love.

12 June 2012

How far can Esperanto go ?

This is not my first posting about the Esperanto sports meet or games.

Therefore, I do not have to say more about it. But just to highlight a conversation that I had with a young esperantist. He might be reading this post.

Well, I was suggesting to form a Geography facebook group in Esperanto and of course I would like to see the History and others. Though there are groups in sports in Facebook, they are merely the spectators rather than the movers, just as most Esperanto learners know nothing much of the concept of Esperanto being recognised and recommended by the UNESCO.

11 June 2012

Rio + 20, will it be fair for vote casting ?

If you have particiapted the vote of Rio + 20, I think you should know that the first voting was scribed away due to the overwhelming respond from the Esperantists.

But the second one was a bad respond from the video. I wrote about it in the earlier post.

Now, the God or whoever, gives us another chance to be in the conference. Have you voted it ?

I did but I could not see the results immediate.

08 June 2012

The last frontier of English language in the world

I don't know what I heard it correct or not. If it is correct, I could conclude that the last frontier of English language in the world is ASEAN countries.
This agrees with Dr Osltle's work of The Last Lingua Franca....

Therefore, the KAEM and UEA should seriously consider to do something about it in this part of the world, especially the East Timur, which would be in ASEAN too. Of course, East Timur is heavily pro Australia.

Well, now what the Esperantists world is going to do. Leave the last frontier there to have more bullets for the English speakers to talk about it or get down to work and get it see the results.

05 June 2012

Federation of Esperanto ASEAN (FEA)

I wrote about this hope in the past. I am still dreaming of FEA.

How beautiful this FEA, angel in Esperanto can come to me and we all rejoice in the gaity mood. Yes, this is the scene that comes very often in my days and nights.

For the GLBT, they are even harder as many countries do not endorse of homosexual marriages. But to my surprise, this meeting got the support from the Brtish High Commission.

I was speechless for a while and think what and why this is to be.

Is he trying to attract attention ?

After commenting in his blog post, I felt a little regrets.

I saw this line post my comment as I thought it is going to be poll. Well, it is the poll, but for who ? Him, personally ?

These results strike me as ridiculously useless, but Intelligent Life got over 11,000 responses to this poll, so I’m going to do a poll too, and hopefully all those outraged Esperanto lovers will bring plenty of traffic to this blog, and send me hate mail in Esperanto, or worse, carefully crafted and thoughtful essays on the value and importance of Esperanto, which is much more annoying.

Till now, many people still doubt about Esperanto. Well, the UNESCO must be a useless body in the world as the recognition and recommendation of this world body are not being respected by the many in the world. Is UNESCO only a rubber-stamp organisation?

Esperanto can help the depression person

How true it is, I did not know. But, I remembered someone from the Esperanto Chicago posted in a comment saying that Esperanto can help the autism kids learn to communicate with people.

Why there is no such follow up research ?

Where are the Esperanto researchers ?

Now here is another report from China.

04 June 2012

Esperanto NGO training

I was reading an advertisement which appeared on the Facebook. The training session was in Hong Kong. It was about NGO worker training.

03 June 2012

What is the final action of this Himno en Esperanto ?

Well, it is again the Esperantists would have to face and the fight will be going on.

I just told a friend that English is the killer of the mother tongue. She knows neither English nor Esperanto. To her, Esperanto is too difficult because the accusative is too much to handle. She learnt a lesson and forlasis.

Another friend, he learn for a week and he could construct the Esperanto simple tense:

Kien vi iras ?

Thus, I concluded not to follow her fb account. It is nothing personal but just feel sad that she could not overcome that accusative. I am still facing that accusative problem now.

Thus, update me to see whether the Esperantists in the EU would take the legal actions if they have the evidence of what the said:

Consequently, the EU Treaties do not confer the power to the Commission to propose the legal act requested. Should you wish to appeal against this decision, we would like to draw your attention to the means of redress available.
You may either:
- bring proceedings before the General Court under the conditions specified in Article 263 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU);
- or, if you wish to complain about maladministration, file a complaint with the European Ombudsman under the conditions specified in Article 228 of the TFEU.
Please note that this letter will be published on the Commission's website for the citizens' initiative in order to inform the public of this decision in a transparent way.

Yours faithfully,
Catherine Day
Secretary General

If the EU can sing in Esperanto himno, it would give me another bullet to tell the government and the like about the change of international language.

02 June 2012

Can you tolerate the waste of money and time ?

The called themselves 'Translator without border' but I would call them 'wasting time and money without sense'.

They put themselves in a very much glamorous position, read:

Knowledge is power.
It saves lives, lifts people out of poverty,
ensures better health and nutrition, creates and maintains economies.
Access to information is critical.
Language barriers cost lives.

Certainly, I don't denied their efforts and slogan of the above. But how many of them can ready accept the Esperanto as a world language ?

01 June 2012

Yes, ban English in your native tongue used.

This report made me to think of the declining of the language in most languages which has imported the English words, perhaps Latin too.

In Malaysia, the Malay language is losing its beauty. But most of the people, especially the Malays are not realising but they think it is good. Just as Indonesian, also have lost the Malay language.