01 September 2012

LSG is in 2013 UK in Iceland

Mi estas ĝoja kiam mi legis, ke la LSG paĝo havas la informadon pri kunsido en UK 2013.

I was happy to read that the LSG page has announced that there will be a LGBT session. After a search on the net, I realised that Iceland has legalised the homosexual right in 2010.
Though I read something about the PM of a country is a lesbian and the other country is a gay, I did not pay much attention to the affair as when someone is talking about the homosexual in Malaysia, the speaker is always been accused of either a homosexual or promoting the homosexual activities.
Of course, Iceland has a long history on homosexual since 1940.
But what I am still hoping is the Esperanto scout could have the kunsido or not. The Esperanta skolto page did not make any announcement like the LSG.
I was about to write about the LSG kunsido when the UK is held in the country which is more gay friendly country. Certainly, it is not in Malaysia where you can see the tall towers but short thinking politicians and religious men.
At least, the gays and lesbians would have a place in the Esperanto world though there are still many objections from the Esperanto speakers themselves.
Equal right is still not yet sink into the minds of all Esperantists.

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