27 July 2011

Esperanto day in each month 26th

Enjoyed my Esperanto Day or Esperanto Birthday on the 26th July. It was yesterday.

Maddening in twitting and of course, not co-ordinated well and wasted my effort in having the twits in #esperanto symbol.

Having suggested my idea to make 26th of each the Esperanto day, not birthday though. The twit would carry two symbols, #esperanto and #tago.

The aim of making 26th of each month the Esperanto Day is not to compete with the treand point. It is to let the esperantists to twit in Esperanto on 26th of the month. Of course, help the komencanto like me.

However, the 26th of July is a more powerful promotion of Esperanto and it is twittering in all languages you can to let the followers know what Esperanto is. If they know it in this meaningful day and start to learn it, it would be a good and sweet memory for them.

It would be good point to let the other beginners to know 26th is the birthday of Esperanto and the month they have to find out.

I got this idea that there is a twitting in national language project too. I hoped it was not just only for Malaysians.

With the 2 # signs and 13 letters, the 140 letters in twitter would not be too long to write for the experinced esperantists. But bear with it, we are going to promote the #esperanto and #tago symbols in the twitter.

Thus, if you agreed with this, come the 26th of August is our 1st session of #esperanto #tago.

26 July 2011

Feliĉan Naskiĝtagon al Esperanto

It is 124 years now and it would go on stronger and stronger as my wish in this day.

Feliĉan Naskiĝtagon al Esperanto

Estas 124 jaroj kaj mi deziru ke ĝi fortas kaj fortos en futuro.

26 julio 2011 en malajzio

Traduko de Esperanto

I am not a translator but some how has involved in translating work for some time. If one speaks more than one language, s/he would involve in translating. Good or bad translation is another topic of discussion.

Of late, I have seen many esperantists using the sound translation of facebook and twitter.I did not oppose to that but I felt that it is about time that we need to have a body to regulate the translation.

Taking these two words, facebook and twitter, if we want to translate them using sound, why not use the  original word instead need to have the sound translation, like fesbuko and tviter.

Do these two new words in Esperanto serve any purpose ?

Do  these two new words burden the learners ?

Do we want to strengthen the English words of facebook and twitter ?

Certaily  I am in the camp of using the meaning translation, like vizagxolibro and pepilo.

If it is the brand of the goods, and it cannot be translated into meaning,it would be good to use the original word thus we know it is a name of the brand or the scientific discovery.

Esperanto is not a none latin language that is like Chinese or Thai langauges that they need to write in different charaters. The Chinese also use the meaning to translate facebook 面子书,face 面子, book 书。

La esperantujo devu havi la organizaco kiu havas la rolo por findicidi kiel la tranduko devu kaj rapide informi la esperantujo.

La celo de esperanto estas ne shargxas la lernantoj kaj facila lerni. chu ne ?

24 July 2011

How the venue is chosen for Esperanto Congress ?

Kiel la loko por esperanta kongreso estas elektita ? Ni devu pensi pri tio.

After writing the Vietnam post of the UK and someone told me, nope, ask me how the venue of the esperanto is chosen. I did not know.

But according to the UEA site, it has certain rules to follow but alas one of the item did not list down is the place should have certain number of Esperanto speakers.

The UEA site list the venue should have:

The venue

Universal Congresses of Esperanto have been held in all types of facilities: convention centres, concert halls, hotels and fairs convention premises, universities etc. But, considering the size of the Congress, UEA prefers to hold its congresses in multifunctional and self-sufficient enviroments and in premisses located rather in the downtowns or in their vicinity than out of the cores of the cities.
UEA tries to organize a congress outside Europe every 3 to 4 years, in order to support the movement in other continents, and inside of Europe to migrate equitably between southern, northern, eastern and western and central regions of the old continent.

But, if the participants go to the congress and just walk about the place without meeting the people in the town or city who can converse in Esperanto, one question, does this mean that it is the promoting the Esperanto ?

For my hamble opinion, I think it should be a town or a city which has a sizeble residents who speak Esperanto. I asked an Esperantist about the Ho Chi Min city for the last KS in vetnam and he told me that the people in the area do not speak Esperanto, but English.

If i do not speak English, presume, i also quite hard to understand Vietnamese English, I would feel very lost and inconvience. The purpose of promoting the use of International Language is faded.

Therefore, now, I think for Asia Esperanto Congress or even the ASEAN Esperanto Ccongress, it should base on the host to suggest  which village or town that has big number of esperanto speakers to organise it. By doing so, we can let the people know that the advantage of learning the Esperanto. Partially the power of economy too. Thus we created the VSM.

What is the advantage that the participants are kept in the University dorms or nearby hotel without the chance of meeting the local people and have some shopping trip to provide the locals with some financial aids through the shopping events.

I am pretty sure there are many people don't agree to that, they would ask, where I could find a town which have half of the people speaking Esperanto. This would be the fun question and also the answer.

You do your search with Esperanto town and you can have the answer.

Language is related to race.

While on the road of promoting and introducing Esperanto,the questions that the audience post would be :

Which country is the Esperanto ?

No country that speak Esperanto ?

If no country adopt is as national language, then, which race the Esperanto is belong to ?

Well, it is time that we have to know the earth is moving and many things are created day in and day out. The food, clothing etc.

Unofficial data said that it is about 1,000 artificial languages in the world. Some died out quickly and some stay and even florishing. But ONLY Esperanto survives and even get the recognition from UNESCO.

I remembered when I was young, we used to create secret languages so that the adults would not know what was going on. They perhaps think that the children were playful.

If I would include those short live languages that we created, I think it would be more than a million artificial languages.

Interestingly that people learn a language which has the realationship to the country and race. They are not able to think of a way that language can be nuetral, free from the mark of race and country.

22 July 2011

American army

Did the Esperantists throughout the world ask for an apology from the United State of America ?

Why on earth so many artificial language the department did not want to choose but in purpose to choose Esperanto which has been passed in UNESCO.

What is your feeling ?

Angry or sad ?

English problem

Read the report that how English is hard to be understood but they still want to make English a compulsory pass in Malaysia.

Sodomy II defence counsel Karpal Singh has laughed off Parti Kita president Zaid Ibrahim's police report against him as 'frivolous' and a distraction to the police from serving the interests of the people.

NONE“Zaid should seriously consider a crash course in the English language,” said Karpal (right) in a statement today.

“It is obvious to one having even the rudiments of the English language that my references to Zaid 'fishing in troubled waters' refers to the law of contempt being defied, and the risk and consequences of committing contempt of court could, as a consequences, make one liable to a fine or imprisonment.”

Last Wednesday Karpal warned the Kita president and former PKR leader that the latter's public remarks on Anwar's sodomy trial veered close to contempt of court.

He added then that, “As a lawyer, Zaid should know the bounds and parameters of the law of contempt. Zaid should not fish in troubled waters. It is a deadly risk, and the consequences can be equally deadly.”




I did not know these talks are redicules or it is the talk. But, it is good to reflect on it from all angles.




How the Esperantists can help ?

I was searching for Hanoi, which is the hosting city for the 97th World Esperanto Congress ( 97-a Universala Esperanta Kongreso ) and found that the info of Vikipedio in English and Esperanto is not the same.

The English version has more info but the Esperanto version has less.

Now the question, the Vietnam Esperanto Association is going to host this international event and there is insufficient info for the Esperanto version.

Can this convince the people that Esperanto is one of the languages in Vietnam ? As many monks also visited my country and I talked to them about Esperanto version of Buddsim and they told me that they never heard the word or the language Esperanto at all.

How the Esperantist can help  to update the info for the Esperanto version and perhaps also help to teach Esperanto to the rural schools if you read:

Of the 6.5 million people and half of it, 2.6 million are in the city. Thus, many of them still do not have access to Esperanto.

If you wait for the Vietnam government to do it, I do not think so.

What would Vietnam Esperanto Association think of this suggestion ?
Hanoi (Vietnamese: Hà Nội) About this sound pronunciation , estimated population nearly 6.5 million (2009),[1](but only 2.6 million (2009) in urban areas[2]) is the capital and second-largest city of Vietnam.

21 July 2011

Is this the thinking of an Esperantist?

Many in the Esperanto circle know who Chuck is. I also subscribe his Esperanto blog to read.

His latest blog was about the IJK in Ukrain and of course, it was unsatisfying for him. He blogged in a humorous way but the bottom line is that the blame is there.

I left a comment about going to Rome do as Romans do. It looks like it was trashed.

We always tend to judge people from our way of life but do not have the consideration for the poor and underdeveloped countries. I was such a person before, I admitted it. I was in China and Thailand to see the way of life still in the far remote system. I did the same thing of comment, hurt the feeling of the local people. I also like to apologise here for my ignorance.

Organising the Esperanto Congress has no government backup like the Olympic Games, Asia Games etc. It is all from the Esperantists who have to use the time, take leave from work if there is no full time staff to run the work. Therefore, I felt no surprise at all from the blog description.

One thing that the people from Western country like to complain about the sitting toilet. As i mentioned in the comment that most of the ASEAN countries do not have sitting toilet. It is the squatting toilet that brings in many advantages,read here http://www.naturesplatform.com/health_benefits.html

Thus, it is time to re-orientate ourselves from the lack of knowledge.

Vi povas legi la Esperantan version che librafolio chi tie http://www.liberafolio.org/2011/kiel-ne-organizi-internacian-junularan-kongreson

The 5th Esperanto Merchant Congress of China

When I was looking for the info, they did not even respond to me. Well, it is always an excuse word BUSY. But if you know Chinese life style, you should know the two extreme.

For this page of Esperanto in Chinese, the response is always slow. I do not know why. But , now at least, I know the Esperanto Merchant Congress in China is on in Oct  from 29-30.

If you like to know further details, you read here.


Contacting the organiser


20 July 2011

Esperanto is a good product

I was talking to a few friends about business ventures and all of a sudden think of Esperanto gift items.

Well, it is marvelous to find someone has good items here.

14 July 2011

No Globlish, ONLY Esperanto

At times, when there is no idea what to write or nag, it is good to pop in the forum, of course, the good forum pages like lernu.net.

I just love this idea too.

This whole business of giving Esperanto a new public image is to my mind a matter of great urgency.

For a start perhaps we could organise a concerted attack on 'Globish' (international English as it is actually spoken).

I, for one, am fed up with hearing the ugly vowels, jarring consonants, and primitive grammar of our evergrowing immigrant population here in the UK.

And hardly a televison or radio bulletin passes without some interview with an Eksterlandano whose command of English is sorrowful.

Forget about the classic English virtues of tolerance and fairmindedness. It's time to start taking the piss - or to establish a tradition of correcting every mispronunciation, misuse of vocabulary and mangling of grammar, every time we encounter it.

Speak English or Esperanto, not Globish, should be the battle cry.


I also why the English community would like to accept the bastarlised language called Globlish as more or less equal to English. Perhaps, the decline of English made them think of to maintain the Lish suffix or the few words in English.

Esperanta Debato

La Hispana Esperanto-Kongreson (Spanish Esperanto Congress) did a good job. Now the whole world is talking about this live stream between Corsetti-Camacho. But, truely, I have not watch it yet as my internet connect in my house in the village is horrible bad. ( Many people won't understand the plight of the people living in the village)


This talk prompted me to think of why there is no one organising the Esperanto debate as an annual activity for local clubs, regional or even international.

The debate of Corsetti--Camcho to some is said a discussion but if we can have the proper debate event like other languages, even in the school clubs, that would certainly help more schools to set up the Esperanto Clubs.

Will it be too difficult to do that ?

There are so many Esperanto Associations in the world, begin from the association for the members and this would soar soon through inter-clubs or inter-associations and the regional would grow and international will form.

Many products want to advertise for their products world wild, there should not have problems in getting sponsorship from the local or international companises.

Now, the Spanish Esperanto Association has unofficially started the activity, who would get it in the official mark ?

Gratuloj al the Hispana Esperanto-Kongreso por fari tiu ago.

Se vi ne povas legi en angle, bv uzi tradukilo che la pagxo el google.

12 July 2011

Azio O Azio

I think I have talked about it many times in the past. And again, today is another same nagging blog article. I revisited the KAEM page, nothing much change.

Why I came to touch on the Esperanto publication again. It was because I have an argument with few friends. Afterall, they are right with their visions. I don't blame the fact that they are very keen to know what and why Esperanto in Asia never take off.

The issue we touched on, again is the Monato magazine, which claim to be something like the Newsweek version in English. I have never even read one copy of this magazine. I could not say much about. But, I certainly doubt about the content would be as good as newsweek.

1. Newsweek has the Asia version, which focus on the Asian issues.But with no Asia agents of Monato, how the magazine is going to sell like Newsweek. Asian would foremost, like to read what is happening in Asia. We don't wait till the translation months later to come out and read it. This Monato has to consider about it.

2. The cost of the Monato magazine would be many meals for the lower income group. Natgeo, Reader's Diegest and Newsweek, Asiaweek etc magazine, weekly magazine has high discount for the yearly or half yearly subscription. For example, the NatGeo which is about Ringgit 13 a copy on the shelf but with yearly subscription, it could be as low as RM 7. For us in Malaysia, RM 7 is about a day's meal but for Thailand, 70 bahts would be for one and half day meal money.

3. If they can pay for the magazines, mostly are the middle class people. Well, since they are the middle class, do they need to read Monato which is not up to date events ? Don't argue that money is the cost for the up-to-date issue. Do it as a commercial. Most Esperantists are still thinking of the good old days, that the Esperanto lessons are free, travelling are free etc. It is either you give more job opportunities to the society and get more people to read and more advertisement to come in.

4. Look at the list of agents. Huh, KAEM boost to have many members in Asia, why there is only Japan has the agent and is a part of the Japanese Esperanto Institute. What about China ? The market is the big attraction to many business people, why Monato never considers that ?

5. Monato has to consider the Asia version, which is printed in Asia, low cost for the people.

I met an Esperantist, he told me many people can learn Esperanto online. Gosh, she did not know that many people in Asia are still going to schools without shoes.  These are the people they need Esperanto. It is not those with the high speed internet to learn Esperanto. Hope you know what I mean.

Thus, KAEM is a sleeping beauty or it is a working horse ? You judge it.

Learning a language, it is not by a few words to go around but it needs reinforcement. Just read the http://www.lernu.net/ forum page, you can see the argument about Esperanto is still there. It looks like no one is good enough to tell which is correct.

As I said before, we don't live in an island, Europe needs Asia and Asia needs Europe, perhaps, I should also extend to South America.

So where I can buy the Monato. Of course online. But I have no credit card.

Thus, don't compare with Newsweek, my dear Esperantists, Monato can only consider as a European base magazine. We in Asia needs the Asiaweek. Unfortunately, Asiaweek ceased publication. Jobs are lost of course.

Should I also add that there are 50,000 Oomoto followers in Japan, if half of the members read the Asia version, it would be 25k. That amount is able to get lots of advertisment.

So can KAEM think about it ?

Chu KAEM povas pensi pri tio ?

Se vi ne povas legi en angle, bv uzi la google tradulilon sur la pagxo

11 July 2011

Moving island/Esperanto insulo

Certainly I am happy to see something is on, especially in Asia. This is the language course of collaborating between the Esperanto Insulo and Hainan University, China

For me, I still look forward to having other courses, like music, mangement, art, social sciences to be conducted in this world.

Now, the issue that you can go to teach Esperanto in all the world, just by the language itself but not as a means of other purpose, Esperanto will still remain as a language which few people would take time to learn.

Countries like Malaysia and other ASEAN region have different languages and Esperanto is the best for those who are not so linguistic incline, cannot control English to be a way for them to be nurtured to be a professional.

Dream on, as my friend told me. Yes, I still keep this dream till next decade and if not, forlasos Esperanton.

Se vi ne povas legi chi artikolon, bv uzas la tradukilon el google kiun esatas sur la pagxon.

La Oomoto religio/The Oomoto religion

I was talking to a new aquiantance and I touched on the Japanese Esperanto religion Oomoto.

In fact, I was promoting the Esperanto, like a salesman.

We talked about the propaeduetic effect of the Esperanto.

Later, I was again talking to a Japanese about the possible of propaedeutic effect for us, non Japanese to learn Japanese language. I was, all of the sudden, curious about the Oomoto followers. Do they learn English faster than non Oomoto followers ? Since Oomoto is the only religion in the which uses Esperanto for gathering, in short, the baby is already being exposed to Esperanto since the day one in the temple.


If you have the info, please leave me a note, I need that for my research. Thanks a lot.

Besides, the martial art Akido was created by the Esperantist, Ueshiba, and this martial art is now the international body. Is Esperanto the main language of communication ? I doubt it as I met an Indonesian online and he is the member of Akido and he knows nothing about Esperanto. Now, it is a waste of Esperanto being a art of peace


Se vi ne povas legi angla lingvon, bv uzas la tradulikon sur la pagxo.

08 July 2011

why no space for advertisement ?

After reading this post, I realised I need to write something about it.

That is advertisment. Reklamo.

Right, we can see less advertisment on the pages of the Esperanto Congress.

I do not know how it would be to help the less fortune ones to have a change of his/her life.

In the previous post, I did touch on the issue. But till today, it is still nothing much change.

As in my country, at least, we can get some sponsors either from the communities if not the giant company.

Last time, I touched on the advertisment in Monato magazine. But now it is on the congress.

It makes me wonder how long the road of Esperanto to be able to let the world know and learn it.

At least, now I am glad that the lernu page is having the google ad, or perhaps the google adsense project.  Some advertisment, especially the good ones, it is also good for the knowledge. But why the congress of Esperanto did not have that ? Though I dislike the internet pages from China, too many advertisments and it floats from the top till the bottom and you must click it and it only disapears. Unfortunately, another ad frame pop up and floats on the screen. That is bad for the readers but good for the advertisers.

So, it is high time for the win win situation that the Esperanto events needed advertisment or sponsorship and the commercial firms should use the community of Esperanto for better product propaganda.

If I organise the event, I would do that.

Kial la kongresoj kaj eventoj de esperanto ne havas reklamoj por subtenas la monojn.