23 July 2012

Helping Promoting Esperanto in Hanoi this month

I have been here for about a week now but I could not find the people on the street knowing what Esperanto is. No one knows the Vietnam Esperanto Association. Certainly, with the popularity of wi-fi on the street, no one knows about the lernu.net page in Vietnamese.

Should the participants of this 97th UK gather some fund and got the information written in Vietnamese and Esperanto and go around to distribute in certain tourist area like Lake Hoan Kiem.

16 July 2012

Indigenous people education vs Esperanto

Of course, this is not the first post on the issue of Indigenous people and Esperanto. But after reading the comment of this report. I silenced for a few minites and take a deep breath and pause again with the blank thinking.

Jes, Esperantists are very powerless. Esperantists have no money ( unlike Soros), Esperantists are not military men or women. They are difficult to fight the system which is made or written for the rich and the powerful.

If you look at the faces of these innocent children, who do not know what their future is, and what you would feel for your children as well at home when the sun rises, there is no bright sunshine in the future for these helpless people.

15 July 2012

Beauty with the brain

The beauty contest of the indigenous people in East Malaysia
I did post about the promotion programme of Esperanto could be organising the beauty constest. It is not going for the beauty of the look but the most important would be the BRAIN.

The beauties and the hunks must be able to speak Esperanto and perhaps, do some promotion work for the Esperanto in the community.

The Fujian Xiamen businessman did that in searching for the model for his product, wine from Italy. I did not see the man but only the lady appeared in the 6th Esperanto Commerce League,China, (IKEF) postal.

14 July 2012

Ananaso in Esperanto

I don't speak many languages,but this picture causes many discussion in the facebook.

13 July 2012

Esperanto lesson in JCI, Teluk Intan, Malaysia

The short course of the Esperanto which was organised by the Junior Chamber International in Teluk Intan,Malaysia ended last week.

After teaching many short courses of Esperanto, I realised that Malaysians are not very independent in learning. Most of them are still depending on the teacher.

Despite most learners are able to  access the internet, they don't even bother to take a look of lernu.net or kurso.com.br.

11 July 2012

Is this joke true ?

I saw the picture format in the facebook circulating fast. I did not want to put the picture here but just the link of the page which told the story.

Do you believe it ?

I might be.

I met people who learn English for 20 years and still cannot differentiate I am, I are and I is.

Just imagine that is a waste of time and effort.

Of course, my government and future government is also poisoned by the past colonial master to make English compulsary pass in the SPM level and MUET in the university but to my surprise no students opposed it like in China. The parents and students are equally welcome the torture of English language learning.

10 July 2012

How to avoid your email account being used by others for scamming work

Of late, there are lots of people facing problems in the events of email account being used to solicit money, either by asking donations or help in the hotel because no money and was holding as hostage.
The pic is done by Pietro from Brazil.

It would be wise to ask the person concern by sending him/her a text message to confirm on that and further to confirm with his/her friends whom you know of. I did that. Of course, it is the scam.

Now it is time to consider mono lingual or multilingual or at lease bilingual. Why ?

09 July 2012

No matter how good is your English

I was feeling sad after I read this article. I could feel exactly of the writer facing such discrimination. I have no such experince in my country. Perhaps, I am not too social.

The only discrimination that I could sense in my country is the colour of the skin and the religon. Such discrimination are lay down by the policies.

07 July 2012

Mi festu 125 jarojn de Esperanto kun poŝkarto

Mi estas senlaborulo. Mi ne havas multajn monojn. Mi nur povu festi la 125 jarojn de Esperanto kun la poŝkarto. Vi povos aĉeti en la 97-a UK en hanojo.

Se vi ne partoprenos en la UK, vi povos peti viajn geamikojn por helpi vin.

02 July 2012

Traduko en esperanto

This is not my first post about the translation of esperanto. I did not read the bona lingvo of the late Dr Piron that translation of esperanto should be used with the words that are already have in the esperanto in order not to create unnecessary vocabulary for the users of Esperanto to remember.

By doing so, it is very similiar to Chinese language that I know of. Furthermore, using the English sound to create a new word in Esperanto is unwised because this is promoting English instead of Esperanto.