25 December 2014

24 December 2014

08 December 2014

Commen t: English Remains ASEAN’s Best Policy

Does everyone speak English ?

I am a little disappointed with Mr Hunt. With the internet age, his knowledge about the language usage in the world almost come to nil. The article is very recent, in 2014.

07 December 2014

Faru sole

Mi doncis la ĉapelojn al lernejo.

Se via esperanta asocio ne faras bonlaboron, vi povas fari individuan.

03 December 2014

If you want to risk your life when you are travelling

For those with tons of money in his/her pocket, you may not be able to find a interpreter when you are in danger situation.

01 December 2014

Green activists, who cut more trees in the world ?

The simple question that you keep telling people not to cut down more trees. But on the other hands, you are one of the collaborators in destroying the environment.