30 December 2011

Old values of Esperantists should be discarded

It is not easy to get the old concept away and take in the new concept.
I know it as I am not too young either. We hold onto the value of the past but could not accept the new value which is in the present stage.

Many Esperantists view Esperanto as a peace language and a language to travel the world, perhaps, this refers to the Pasporta Servo programme.

Of late, the world wide Esperantowritten test has attracted a comment in my FB:


17 December 2011

Repost: Why not choose an easy language as a first foreign language ?

Why Not Choose an Easy Language as a First Foreign


By Nicole Else

I do think that learning any foreign language has many benefits and therefore

should be encouraged. It even helps English literacy as students who know a

foreign language can often analyse English much better than other students.

Learning foreign languages certainly opens the mind, helps to understand other

cultures, etc. Lots of different languages are spoken in the world, so which ones

should we teach? I don’t think we should teach only the languages most widely


16 December 2011

A wish on Esperanto Literature Day

The birthday of the late Dr Zamenholf is almost over in my country. But the western part of the global is just beginning.

I would like to say my wish on this day.

09 December 2011

why waste money on this

From the page, do you think his English is good enough ?


The world over still very much depend on translation but not willing to learn Esperanto, especially the politicians who have spent too much money of the tax payers.

Will the tax payers think of the waste from the politicians ?

06 December 2011

Relakmu aŭ ne relakmu

It is the time for all the Esperanto Association in the world to consider this question. Should Esperanto need promotion advertisements ?

It is not one or two high authority persons to decide.

The impact of advertisement should thoroughly be studied.

02 December 2011

Can Esperanto help to solve European financial crisis

The world economy is going from good to bad, not all countries are suffering from the bad effects though. However, the European financial crisis captured many attentions not only I did  but also others as well.

I do not know what is the language policy in the European education system. But I could only speak from my part of the world and especially the Malaysian experince.

01 December 2011

Pink vs Green dollars

Many a time, I am facing such question:

"Why never see your Esperanto having advertisement for travelling ?"

I could not anwser it. I leave it to the experince esperantists to answer it.