12 September 2012

Konkurso kantanta en esperanto

Se la Esperanta komercisto povas fari tiun kiel la Li Ning, la fama sportisto el Chinio, nia lingvo povu auxdi tutmondo.

Gxis nun, chu tie ne havas sukcesan komerciston en la mondo ?

Estas malkredas se la demando estas  NE.

I did talk to a well-know Esperantist and he is also a business, quite a sucessful businessman for such an idea but he turned down with silly excuses. But he spent huge sum of money in promoting Esperanto though, in other areas.

No more, I told myself, I shall not ask for his help again eventhough I needed it very much. Whether Esperanto can be a common language in my country or in the world, it is not only one person's effort, it is the effort of the conscious people, it is the conscious of the government officers.

But, if just one person can spend a few thousands dollars for the event, it would not only boost his/her product but also help the Esperanto land to become more functionable. It is a mutual way but not just only one way ticket.

For singing contest, the company can also have the downstream product after the event, like selling the DVD etc if the contestants can prove to be good.

It is a matter of how one plan. As the old saying goes: What is good for the people, it would come back to you.

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