28 September 2012

La respondeco de INA

This is the natural cure programme as you can see from the postal. I did not know what the Chinese language and English language version are meant to be the same. Pardon me that I am not in this area of work.
The programme is calling for the learners and that they may get certificates from the United Kingdom and India University.

Perhaps, the readers may find why I am so much into the certificate.
Yes, in Malaysia and the ASEAN region, we talk about certificate, whether it is from France, Germany, China, India, Indonesia, the certificate is of great values. I did not know whether it was part of the request of the former colonial master when asking for jobs.
If the INA can consider and look into this way, there might be more courses for the people in the world. Now, you look at the postal, the two certificates are from the two English speaking countries.
But, might you, the participants in Malaysia may not fully understand English but the instructors may have to use the local dialects and mixed with other languages as well.
What are the Esperanto associations of various countries doing ?Why they are not going to co-operate with the INA and conduct short courses. There might have some income.
At times, I felt that the Esperanto associations are too engrossed in the language issue. As I have mentioned in the post, Kiel lingvo vivas, if no one is using it, it would get the language further just as the report of the Libera Folio reported, the Spanish Esperanto town in future.
We need some new blood and idea for the challenge in the 21st century.

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