28 September 2012

Libera Folio

I took a quick search on the Libera Folio and found that there were very few reports on the development of Esperanto in Asia.

Mi demandis min, ke kiu estas la kialo ?

There are many activities in Asia region but the website has more on European development. Of course, this would be the contributors to the site.

However, I believed that there are many Esperantists in Asia who can contribute to the site to make the folio shine.

I felt that we have spending too much time on Facebook, at times and do not take a look of what is around us.

If the Asian Esperantists can make an arrangement and report some events in the LF, it would enlighten the Esperanto world.

I know it is hard to depend on the free, without fee, contribution. It is just like the Loyarburok.com. All writers and editors are volunteers. They take turns to help out and there go many articles in a week from all genres.

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