28 November 2011

Old statistic, throw it away

I have said it many times and again to say it again.

How to count the esperanto speakers in the world ? Esperanto is not a race thus all the people in the world can learn it and speak it. With the advancing of the technology and the internet, there are tons of people learning it in a day. I am the one that was not registered in the UEA neither in Lernu. There are other learning sites , didn't they ?
Therefore, i wish when someone touching on the issue of number of speakers, leave it to the world to decide, just ask them can they count the internet users ? If they can, that would be the amount of Esperanto speakers

26 November 2011

Loyarburok, a friendly Esperanto portal

Loyarburok is the only Malaysia online portal which does not discriminate Esperanto. They even consider to publish the Esperanto but unfortunately, I could not help to find the translator. If any of Esperantists are willing to help to translate the articles into Esperanto, they might start a page of Esperanto Loyarburok. They know that now its pages are read far into the Latin America when my articles about Esperanto was published.

This is my first article which appeared on the portal. Loyarburok is also the only portal which is selected to take part in the world blogger conference in Indonesia next month. I wish them all the best.

25 November 2011

Repost:The Contribution of the International Language Esperanto towards Linguistic Diversity

every year, USA saves 16 billion dollars, because its expenditure on the teaching of other languages is only symbolic. This figure represents between 1/3 and 1/2 of its budget for research and education, the basis for scientific, technological and military development, to which other countries learning or practising English contribute indirectly.

Reproduce of

The Contribution of the International Language Esperanto towards Linguistic Diversity

by Abel Montagut ,Romance Philologist

1. The Basics of the International Language Esperanto
2. How Esperanto Supports Linguistic Diversity
3. Some Specifics
4. Proposals for Action
5. Conclusions

24 November 2011

Trading is the Esperantists cannot stop

The Malaysia free trade agreement with America is going on for many years. It is only can delay it but not ablet to stop it completely.

This agreement would come in the package of film screening in the TV stations.

Many parents are happy about it as there would be more English movies, American movies to be more accurate. But who cares ? As long as it is English, whether they can understand or not will be issue of the later days.


Times and again, I am paled down to the lifeless colour on my face.

If this package is successful, Malaysia would no way have the chance to teach Esperanto despite how much I work to write for Loyarburok.

23 November 2011

Did Esperanto revolutionalise in Cuba UK ?

Clues on Esperanto's global future are likely to emerge in June at the Esperanto international convention, appropriately planned for a revolutionary, counter-thinking place ---- Cuba.

I read with interest of this passage. In face I am waiting for more relolution of Esperanto. As the leaders of most Esperanto associations are academicians or professionals, they don't really have time to do more promoting job unless they are going full time to promote Esperanto in their respective country.

In my blog posts, I did say a lot.

There are urgency to beat the time to get Esperanto being recognised by some countries to protect the mother tongue education. One of the country is Malaysia, which is struggling to get the human right to let the different tribals to have their mother tongue education.

The country is now making English a pass in the high school before entry to universities and also sitting for the MUET, almost a repeat of the high school English language test. With  a pass, students are unable to graduate. A silly policy which kills many talented Malaysians.

Those from monolingual countries may not know the plight of Malaysians.

Let me know how much has done in Cuba UK 2010.

22 November 2011

Welcome to Malaysia to invest your Esperanto business.

I was commenting on a blog post of a senior Esperantist. I urged him to set the rules for all the workers to learn Esperanto and use Esperanto in the factory.

But his reply was that the management staff don't speak Esperanto, even from his own country and do not like to learn Esperanto too.

Yes, I have talk much about the Green Star Money, Verda Stela Mono.

Who needs more badly of Esperanto ?

The Asian Esperantists have to consider publish magazines in Asia regions especially in Asean for low cost so that more low income groups can afford to learn Esperanto. Don't talk about the net magazines etc, these serve only the middle class income group.

The bottom line is the low income group need Esperanto more badly than the middle class. I am one of those who can't go online daily as the online cost is high.

Besides, the wireless internet connetion is very bad plus the expensive the word.

Thailand esperanto was found 60 years ago

I was a little sad that I could not find the history of the activity of Esperanto in Malaysia. But I found out that Thailand started 60 years ago.

IBM uses Esperanto in programming ?

I am not a techinical expect, but I found this report and wish it would be that IBM was using Esperanto to do the programming.

Hope that someone can enlightened me on this.

To recap, Esperanto is a methodology that incrementally transforms early-era J2EE applications to SOA. In the case of WebSphere Commerce, the release to fulfillment process from WebSphere Commerce is externalized to the SOA foundation tooling. This article discusses the structure and flow of the Esperanto methodology. Esperanto covers how to:


16 November 2011

A beautiful woman / bela virino

I have high respects for her. What a beautiful woman she is.
She dares to say what the English language is just as many other British do to save the dying languages on earth.

Sadly, there are so many Malaysians who are still believing English is the best language. For many, they traded their mother tongue for English, an Imperialism language as quoted by Dr Robert Phillipson.

They still don't realise the missing of their mother tongue language and culture but to embrass the English life style of living.

Hope more Esperantists could tell Malaysians when they meet about Esperanto, Internacia lingvo.


13 November 2011

Repost: International Language (known as Esperanto) Commission, Interministerial Decree

To repost this article is aimed for those who cannot read English well and they can use the translator programme which is attached on the main page to read it in native language or the possible best language available from the translator.

The French delegate, senator Reynald, personally sympathetic towards Esperanto, but the instructions of his government were completely contrary.

One step forward by Esperantists

Gratuloj al KER kaj UEA por fari tutmondo skriba ekzemeno.

I was overjoyed to learn this Esperanto World Wide Written Test.

It is a very important step for us, especially in the ASEAN countries. Only one country out of the ten member countries has the Esperanto Association and that is Vietnam.

12 November 2011

Why no Esperanto in Global voices ?

Global Voices Online - The world is talking. Are you listening?

I was a little upset that when I read the page.

There are many languages on the page, even Bangla and Indonesia languages are there.

But the active Esperanto is not there ...

I could not hold my sadness, of course, in the rainny morning.

Kie estas la esperantaj komercanoj ?

There are these professionals who have the authorities to convince people in the past, but with the internet, their professional knowledge is quickily shortened to nothing.

The best thing is not to sign any trade pact with the English countries, thus, reducing the purchasing of their English materials like books and films.

interesa pagxo

Tre shatas chi pagxo.

Beduxrine, multaj homoj ne scias kiu estas Esperanto.

Kial ?


Interesting page but unfortunately  many people still do not know what Esperanto is

Why ?

There should be something to be discovered, isn't it ?

10 November 2011

Can Esperanto be the common language in India ?

The Times of India reported:

AHMEDABAD: Does India have a national language? No, says the Gujarat High Court. The court also observed that in India, a majority of people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script, but it's not officially the national language.

05 November 2011

Esperanto is top 100 languages in the world.

That is what I am not feeling comfortable with the number of speakers when the news paper report about the speakers of Esperanto.

Esperanto is recognised by UNESCO in 1954 as an auxilary language thus it would be hardly any native speakers of Esperato. I hope the journalists would be able to distinguish about the mother tongue and auxiliary language.

Conditions for organizing the congress Part 3

In my two earlier post, I did mention of the conditions for host the event of congress of Esperanto. I did not realise that the rule of it, especially organising the Universal Esperanto Congress.

Look at it:

The invitation has to be supported by local government and tourist authorities.

04 November 2011

Who decides the prices ?

Just too many consumers did not know that the prices of goods can be reduced if they know Esperanto can help to do so.

If Esperanto were to become a global second language, the business savings easily would be in the millions of dollars, said Martha Cardenas, a language teacher in San Diego who is fluent in Esperanto and runs the Esperanto Studies Resource Center in San Diego.


01 November 2011

Be hurried or be buried

A few articles on this blog talks about how the Esperanto University can be survived and helped many people in the world.

But now, the AIS is going to close the programme soon. Hope it would change the decision.

Just look at this New Zealand univerisity, how the distance programmes make profit and also promto the image of the university. Certainly not all courses going by internet. There are large part of people could not connect to the internet like my country Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in Asia. Paper texts are still required.

Don't tell me AIS cannot do so. But someone said, they are too old to think.