03 September 2012

Ili fermis mian konton

Ĉu mi estas stulta ? Kial mi volas alfronti la probolemon de mia vivo ?

Multaj tempoj mi pensis pri tio. Mi estas sola en la arbaro de la esperantujo.

Kiuj povas helpi min ?
Kiuj povas kuraĝi min

Mi ne demandas por la simpatiojn. Mi ne scias, kiojn aliaj esperantisoj alfrontas en liaj vivoj kiam ili promocas esperanton.

Recently, I sent my short mail in the gay site, so called the biggest gay site in Asia. I got this message from the webmaster after I question why my account was invalid when I login.

The reply was:

You have violated our user agreement
(http://www.fridae.asia/useragreement.php) for unauthorised solicitation
to other Fridae users on our site.

Your messages to other Fridae members:
"saluton Vi estas bela viro. Do you speak esperanto ? The esperanto gay
group at lsg-esperanto.org you can learn it in 4 months and more can read
at mesg2010.blogspot.com free online learning site www.lernu.net
zh-cn.lernu.net chinese site hope to hug u one day. :)) kisoj por vi"

Your account has been suspended.
Fridae Webmaster
In fact, I sent an internal mail to the webmaster few months ago for creating an Esperanto group in the website. The reply was favourite as it said all members can create their intereste group. But when I was trying to create the Esperanto group, the message said, it is full, wait till someone delete the group. Shit, not even more than 20 interest groups and this is merely a commercial message for the members.
Therefore, I thought it would be good to use the internal mails, and I got some feedback and few are learning it now. I was told that there is another gay site which has already have the Esperanto gay group but I could not find the site as it has been bought over by another company. It was called romeo something.
Well, it is suspended, I shall be back again. I am one more evident that the discrimination of Esperanto is still strong in Asia but mind you, this fridae.com site is set up by the Asian, of course, the banana man, and now is managed by the American CEO.
You do your guess work.


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