15 February 2012

Don't trust the figure

Every time I read about the language prefer by the European countries, I felt like I have been cheated again and again by the writers or the administors of the countries.

The reports are being quoted over and over again, just as how many Esperanto speakers in the world and the standard answer is 200 million.

The report of the prefer language in the European countries are usually the English language, and this language sometimes can be the 1st place of all other languages.

I did chat with few teens from Italy, Poland, France etc, of course, they are the Esperanto speakers, they learnt it by themselves as the schools did not have Esperanto class.

I usually asked them, " If the school offers you the Esperanto course, will you take it ? "

06 February 2012

A little creative and prosper Esperanto

I was shocked to know that the Couchsurfing has done much than the pasporta servo. This member is also an Esperantist.

If they (Pasporta Servo committee) can be a little creative, Esperanto can prosper faster than ever.

Just look at how they allow members to do their programmes. It is not just a long haul travelling, it can be a short, perhaps a day trip. When the members are going places, the Esperanto flag and the Pasporta Servo PS logo will be seen everywhere.

This is just my two cents.

Please read carefully, the event include teaching and learning.