30 December 2010

Tibbits: What and what of Esperanto...

Few articles about Esperanto in the past and what is lay in the future ...

The Esperanto-speaking Community Flirts with Ethnicism


A Symbiosis of Esperantism and Language Nationalism?


The "Intrinsic Ideas" of Esperanto


Can Esperanto Save "Cultural Diversity"?


Zamenhof at Congress of Races, 1911


24 December 2010

The flaw of the language

Love this topic in lernu.net --The imprecision of English

Should we consider the flaw of the language?

Love this comment:

You do not have to be precise. But translators do! Especially when they are translating very important documents - and they often encounter such ambiguities in English texts, and English is supposed to be used internationally in politics, economy and so on. Think of it.
Yes, life of a translator is not easy.


Take a good laugh


Pensu pri Nova Jaro

It is time again to say this, but this year it is something new for me:

Feliĉan kristnaskon kaj Novjaron !

Hope is better for everyone in the coming year.

23 December 2010

Tibbits: Flow with the river

Interesting to know that the patnership between Panama and China has gone stronger by reading BBC news:

Tibbits:Life tells the story

If Dr Zamenhof was a rich man, we have no Esperanto now.

“If I had not been a Jew from the ghetto,” Zamenhof wrote in a letter in 1905, “the idea of uniting humanity either would never have entered my head or it would never have gripped me so tenaciously throughout my entire life.”

This is what experince tells us what is the cause of change. I certainly agreed on this.

Speakers of Esperanto hope that a common language will reduce conflict among neighbors. By conversing in what they describe as “the most widely-spoken constructed international auxiliary language in the world,” they trust the world will be better off.
But I think otherwise. Will talk about it when my mind is more composed.

Esperanto is certainly not only solving confilicts but has more on economy as well as equality.

21 December 2010

A word for Andy Rooney

I wonder if he knows that Malaysia will soon be another country to form the Esperanto Association, what would he say about Esperanto.

20 December 2010

Esperanto-Kongreso ASEAN

I read the post of KS Seminario is over in Vietnam. Some of the participants were very happy. Well done Vietnam Esperantists. We are waiting for the bigger event in 2012.

The role of Esperanto in religion.

I am glad to find the Chinese Buddhism sector is doing good in the Esperanto version. Thanks must go to the Rev Miao Hui, of course they say it as Miao Hui fashi. Fashi (法师) is a person who knows the teaching of the religion.

19 December 2010

Desperate for an Esperanto HOME

I was shocked to get invited by a group of 'highly active' Esperantists to ask for a country to be set up. I know how they love Esperanto but they have to understand that Esperanto is a International Auxiliary Language (IAL).

How creative are the Esperantists ?

Having lunch with friends and they asked a very good question.

'How creative are Esperantists ?'

'Why? There are creative Esperantists.'

'But I saw the pages that you sent to me did not have the logo for other Esperantists to help to promote the events.'

The pages she meant are the Esperanto Associations websites.

Yes, I have to admit that. But on the other hand, I do think there are also Esperantists who are working in the Public Relationships sector and even in the advertisement and promotion sectors.

As I did read about a post of a blogger about the Milo and Esperanto.

What I would like to suggest is the organiser of the UK could provide some java script for other bloggers to link to their blogs, facebook and twitter. This would enable the awareness of Esperanto for the people.

This blog page as far as is concerned would not be writing in Esperanto because it is a part of the work of study. Therefore, the logo and java script that I have linked would help to spread the message of the UK in particular.

Well, I do not know how far this idea could be conceived, but I wish I could link the the events of UK, KS Seminarion etc if I know it.

17 December 2010

What is next by Mr Soros ?

Delighted to read Mr Soros at the event but still hoped to see him do something for the Esperanto community.

15 December 2010

Happy Esperanto Day

Nu, mi deziras al cxiuj Felicxan Esperanto-Tago.

Life is going on and hope more Esperantists would able to see the economy point of view that one needs 200 hours to learn Esperanto and promote it by using the cents and dollars.

Of course, there are many political issues that needed tactful dealing.

This is a happy day, thus less 'fire' is on here. :)


Selamat Hari Bahasa Esperanto

google translator work:

Happy วันภาษาต่างประเทศ

Happy Esperanto Dag

Happy Internasionale Taal Dag

12 December 2010

Which language on earth is not man-made

Attending a seminar in Kuala Lumpur and it ended up with an argument with the speaker, who is the PH D holder of Hong Kong University.

He mentioned Robert Philipson and Grin but did not find a solution for the orgainiser or rather for the people of Malaysia.

The seminar is themed 'Linguistic Right in a Multilingual Society' 多元社会的语言人权.

During the Q and A session, I questioned him why he did not mention the Esperanto. Any one who search Robert Philipson and Grin would entail the Esperanto as both, especially Grin has the Economy proposal for the European Union.

What angered me was his reply as :

'I knew the Esperanto language but it is not a nature language.'

Supposingly, he is a follower of Noam Chomsky, Esperanto is not a language, Esperanto estas ne lingvo.

At this moment of time, the linguists in the world who are still arguing between nature and man-make language is an absurd idea. Which language in the world is not first man-make ?

The Latin alphabet and Thai Sanscript and Pali based are borne from the sky and drop to the particular race and says: Hi, this is the language of your race.'

A friend jokingly said, the beast language is not man-make. Got it. It is beast make.

From sound our forefather make to communicate, perhaps, like baby, and thus structurised and made into symbol and passed on to the group of people.

Thus, those linguistic students are they equipped with a new concept and traced back to the cave man communication, if not look at the Chinese symbolised character, you will know that language is made.

09 December 2010

Activities for Esperanto

At least, China esperantists are doing something. Though still very much conservative, circle round the language instead of more areas.

I do not know what the next activities are installed for the esperanto learners in China.

Translation is all the time the favour of Chinese, whatever language they learn, there would be some sort of translation competition.

Of course, translation is vital. But, for me, personally, I like creative writing.



What about other countries in the world ? Any activities beside the renkonti, meeting for tea or coffee ?

08 December 2010

Esperanto vs Latin

I did not who are the native speakers of Latin. At least, there are few native speakers of Esperanto.

However, I found this site saying there is no native speaker of Latin but they learn it because of  some reasons.


They can accept Latin but not Esperanto of which the nostagia feeling or of  pressure from the management. There are reports that universities have Latin course but no Esperanto course.

But I am very glad at least China has formed the Esperantists Merchant League 世界语商人会。



05 December 2010

Higher Learning Institution in Esperanto as a Medium of Instruction

This is the question that many friends are asking, “ How are the Esperantists going to do the distance learning ? Are they able to developed the software for the course if you are going to set up the Esperanto higher learning institutions, of which, the medium of instruction is in Esperanto.”

Are you a native speaker of Esperanto ?

I was also once and in fact many times being fooled into the discussion and doubt the native speaker status.

The native speakers of Esperanto, why care for that absurd question ?

Why don't write ?

Tiring of the local press, what i mean is the Malaysian newspapers, online or street edition.

I tried many times and this time, at least a small response article is publised in another online Chinese news portal in Malaysia.

Competition is great and how long will these online news portal surviving ? Let us Esperantists decide. If we could support them and they can survive and i think is also good for us to press them for Esperanto version. Though it looks like you scratch my back and i scratch yours, but this is the real world, and this words better.

There are few  Malaysian online news portal, no street edition, in short, Esperantists throughout the world can accees to it as long as you are accessed to internet.

1. Malaysiakini.com--four languages, did publish a Chinese artilce about esperanto
2. Merdekareview.com --major language is Chinese and English and Malay are at a minor part
3.Malaysiatoday.com -- bilingual, English and Malay

There are more online news portal with bilingual or English or Malay only

02 December 2010

Can San Marino University provide external courses in Esperanto ?

Many people carried the report of Renato Corsetti, the ex President of UEA in the Ondo.

It is a little sad to read it ( my Esperanto is not that proficient at this moment of time) but I think the UEA and other Esperantists have to THINK out of the box.

It is the high school examination time in Malaysia, in fact, just completed. There are thousands of leavers now and many would probably be the labourer in the human resource field. I do not look down on labourer but even be a labourer, should be a knowledge-wise labourer.

I still think of the suggestion of a blogger who strongly and highlighted the plight of the high school leavers in Malaysia, I presume elsewhere too like in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc.

If UEA can think out of the box, it would not be too much worries even though the membership has dwindled. The decline in the membership does not reflect the less Esperantists.

May I have some suggestions for the UEA besides again urging the Esperantists or San Marino University to consider extending its courses in Esperanto to have external courses. It can have the help from Esperanto Associations in respective countries and as well as the internet.

There are many universities in the world which provides external mode, like the University of London. Thus, there are a lot examples that we could think of.

An easy to learn language does not have its social value unless it is has the social functions in terms of social value and in assisting in development.

Please do not wait for the government to take the lead.

It is good if the government would like to assist this project but one simple question: Who would give up the national language and promote Esperanto?

As such, the answer is clear that it is the task of UEA and respective Esperanto Associations from the countries in the world.