26 January 2012

The 1st School in Malaysia started E-Club

The is the first school in Malaysia which formed the Esperanto Club.

La unua lernejo kiu formis la Esperanto-klubon. La nomo de la lernejo estas San Min mezalernejo

La raporta en chine estas chi tie

15 January 2012

Isn't English an International language ?

Now, this is clearly a statement to ask:

Isn't English an international language ?

If English is an international language, why there is a language barrier ?

For those who still think English is an international language, think twice and please support the true international language, Esperanto

The report


14 January 2012

Do not overlook the small pieces!

Of late, there is a big argument on the net. With the limited Esperanto that I can control, i read it with sigh.

The issue of whether to advertise or not to advertise, as i have said in earlier post. I heard that the UEA is just controlled by someone and the current President is just the puppet of those who are thirst for power.

Now, look, the culture of the globe is different from one corner to the others. What it can be done in the West may not be able to function well in the East.

Time and again, I invited the Esperantists to consider to help the ASEAN to established Esperanto center but to no avail.

13 January 2012

Can Esperanto help them ?

I saw this on the facebook note and i copied it here.

It is sad and the world will be come a mess if things are not tackle from the roots.

Corruption etc work in every country.

Just wondering the Mexico Esperanto Association aware of this and thinking some ways to help solving the problem via the Esperanto university.

Many Esperanto associations in the world are not using fully of the facilities that Esperanto University provides.

They have to read this site.

08 January 2012

no use of esperanto

The SDR is "basically the Esperanto, at best, of international currencies," says Jeffrey Frankel, an economist at Harvard University, referring to the ill-fated attempt to create a common language. "It's not at all used."


english means business


05 January 2012

Esperantistaj volonuloj

My friends ask me a question which I could not answer. Perhaps, those involve in promoting the usage Esperanto language would have more information.

The question goes like this:

“Does your Esperantists organise volunteering work ? If so, many people should have known about it. Look at many world volunteering organisations. Just place the flag there, people would start to wonder what it is and the corporating with the local Esperanto Association, the local media would also report it and thus, the promotion of the language is widely reach.”

I did not know about the work of Esperantists. I am a newbee in the world of the Green Star.

04 January 2012


Shatus la pagxon por kuragxigi lin. Esperanto-turismo, Ganao

I wrote this in the facebook and many weeks later, I returned to the page but see very little progress.

Many questions came into my mind and the most stayed one is How Esperantists help to prosperous the land of Esperanto or all the time called Esperantujo.

03 January 2012

Nobel Peace Prize for Esperanto

Sometimes back, I looked at the Nobel Prize with great admiration. Unfortunately, time tells me, I was too naïve in the political world.
How the committee of this world renowned choose the candidates, it is very tricky. If you look at the list of the peace prize winners, you would realise that not all of them are in the way to achieve world peace or help to eliminate the sufferings of the poor.

01 January 2012

2012 New Year wish

Malaysia has chase away the colonial adminstration but still cannot chase away the colonial language.

This is my 2012 wishes that sooner the better, the colonial language in the past of Malaya, ENGLISH will be replaced by Esperanto, the E and E will make a big different as one would use up 1/4 of a life time to learn and the other, Esperanto just need 200 hours, not even 1/10 of the life time.