19 April 2012

Battling with the system for Esperantists

It is not easy to be an international body. Take Esperanto world body for example. It has to overcome many problems posted by the rules and regulations of the commercial world.

To be the member of the UEA, the annual membership fee is only 12 Euro dollars. However, to us, in Malaysia, I cannot speak for others, the bank commission of a cheque or bankdraft is 25 Euro dollars.

Can you imagine the cost of the bank commission is suffice to be a two year membership fees. Who would be willing to pay that for the membership ?

16 April 2012

Why should you pay to the United Nations ?

There are more and more people of certain countries demanding their languages to be included in the United Nations. In short, the future translation cost will be very high.

Fine, these people and countries of the current offcial languages in the United Nations as well as other international bodies, for example, the Olympic International Council, please you all pay for the salary of the translators or interpreters in your organisations.

For those countries, whose languages are not listed in the United Nations, we all should not pay for that portion of fund. We can use that money for better education and health facilities in our countries.

Look how risky it is when you employ the translators to do the job.

14 April 2012

Esperanto test center in Malaysia

2012, Malaysia is moving forward with Esperanto.

Read the examination center in Malaysia. It will be held in Kuala Kangsar, and it is the first center and only center for the 9th of June world wide written test.


In short, there would be someone who are able to write in Esperanto.

We need more support from the world.

75% de homoj en la mondo ne povas paroli angle

This is what the BBC said, read it for yourself but many leaders in the countries are still wasting time to teach English in the schools. Some even pay a lot of money to recruit so called native speakers. The example is Thailand. Can some tell the people there ?

Around 75% of the world's population don’t speak a word of English ...

Read the comments

This time, it is better to read the comments instead of the content of this articles.

But if you are going to comment, please, don't put the same old tales again and again by saying how good Esperanto is because you meet so many people in the world.

Now bilingual is vital for the children. Esperanto helps best.


Why leave Esperanto university out in your life ?

Another sad report here.

Why the Esperanto University external courses no one, particularly the Esperanto association in the world are not supporting it ?

Soon, Esperanto university is closing down and which organisation is going to replace such a wonderful learning institution. AIS may not be the top school in the world but it can help youngsters to realise their dreams to be a graduate of an unversity.

Esperantists, you want to see the tragedies keep going on ?

Fatal Stampede points out University Crisis in South Africa.

13 April 2012

Projektoj por la 125 Esperanto

I wrote about this topic in the past and you still can search for it with the competition, I think.

What I am suggesting is any good, kind souls of the Esperanto world could consider to come out with something like this. It just need some technical and minimum amount of money.

The writing competitons would enhance the learning of Esperanto especially the new learners.

10 April 2012

Jen la distanca universitato en azio

Again, I am painfully writing this post about the distance learning programme that the Esperantists or the Assoications of Esperanto in the world to come together to fight against the injustic that come in for many poor people or imperism that still exsit in many parts in Asia, in particular.

If you cannot understand this page, use the translator, though may not be highly accurate, it is still possible to read one or two items

04 April 2012

Please feel more for the underdeveloped countries

Time and again, I talked and talked about the rich and poor countries. Of course, the Esperantists are more caring to this issues, of course not all though.

I do not like to pin on who and which. I just like to voice my problem though I am not from the third world countries, the living condition,especially the technology part is not far away from the third world.

Certainly my country folks would say it is a rubbish complaints. They would have to go to the Gunung Tahan to feel it if you do not agree it.

What technology part that i am unhappy with is the webpages of the major events. I know the technques of writing web script in the developed countries are good. However, do consider someone, or many people still using the GPRS speed to go online.

03 April 2012

Pay peanuts get monkey

If you are a Facebook users, certainly, you can see the small column of advertisemets. Yes, there is the place for the publicity or promotion.

Today, I came across of a Korea University which advertise for the summer course. With the page in the Facebook, viewer can take a good look of the programme.

Now, the question here is how much is the cost of the advertisement charged by facebook ?

Will it be too expensive ? Will there be some kind of discount for the non profit organisation ?