30 August 2012

Article about Esperanto appears in the Malaysian magazine

Noto: Se vi ne povas legi en angla lingvo, bv uzi la google tradukilon kiu estas sur la pagxo.
I seldom post this type of info but this one is because there is a facebook page that Esperantists can put a like on the page.

With your different countries and names that appear on the like button, the editorial board will know that Esperantists have presented themselves.

This is a good signal to the editorial board because this company has many newspaper in control, in fact, all the Chinese newspapers in West Malaysia almost under the group of company.

European Scout web page practises discrimination.

It was regretted that how the Scout promises and the scout law that could get these European scout page practises discrimination.

The web page uses the translation programme from Google but selectively chooses 32 languages, as today that I checked on it.

26 August 2012

How the Esperanto scouts can do better ?

Post 97th Esperanto World Congress in Hanoi, Vietname, I started to see the falling apart of the Esperanto organisations in the world. I did write a few posts on that in the forums or in my blogs.

I decided to write and spend more time in researching the Esperanto scouts and the world in future if time permits. Certainly, with a soon be a century old SEL, the administration should have better ideas on how Esperanto can do, and even doing better than the world body.

Let us start from the first step.

23 August 2012

They are disdaining the UNESCO

This post is a reply to the readers in an article which appeared in loyarburok.com

Thanks to many Esperantists came to aid and gave a clear info about Esperanto.

It was more than a year now and I felt it would be good to post it on my blog as some of the readers may not have read it.

For those who disagreed with Esperanto is a disdain to the experts in the UNESCO as the UNESCO had recognised Esperanto in 1954.

21 August 2012

Why Facebook does not work with Google ?

Of late, I changed my facebook language from Esperanto to English site and found that the Facebook is working with Bing for the online translation.

Certainly, the Esperanto posts would not be able to be translated.

If someone can tell Facebook about using Google translation machine, more information will be passed to other readers.

19 August 2012

Estas ankaux por Asoan/ is for ASEAN too

I read this with tears in my eyes.

It is very similiar to my home region which called ASEAN. This phrase clearly pointed out to the fact that only rich and famous could control the higher position. Of course, their children would also be handed down to the grandchildren.

17 August 2012


Ĉi tiu malferma letero estas por du organizacioj, unua estas la denaska lingva educado kaj dua estas la rajto de lingvo.

Mi provis multajn fojojn por kontakti ilin, bedaŭrine ke ili ne respondis al mi. Mi ne havas aliajn manierojn kaj mi skribis ĉi tiu malferman leteron al ili.

Mi deziras ke ili povas legi la leteron kaj komencu promoci Esperanton en Malajzio

12 August 2012

Miss a very good chance for Vietnam Esperanto learners

The 97th Esperanto World Congress was held in Hanoi, Vietnam and many chances of promoting Esperanto were left out.

Who should be responsible for the failure of it ?

I remembered in the session of UEA respondas, someone said that Esperanto is for the elites. For many moment, I am thinking of this question. I shall be writing another post on this issue.

As my earlier post saying I helped to promote Esperanto in Hanoi. When the banners were up on the streets, which nearby the congress centre, that is Melia Hotel, there were millions of people seeing it during the congress.

Esperanto in Vietnamese language is not Esperanto but it is Quốc Tế Ngữ   just as the Chinese language is also having the different form of translation. Esperanto=世界语。 In short, many vjetnamese may not understand Esperanto if you talk to them not in their language.

11 August 2012

Kial la UK ne havas kunsidon de skolto ?

Estas bedauxrinde ke la 97a UK ne havis kunsidon de skolto. Mi pensis ke gxi ankaux ne havis tiel kunsidon antauxe. Kial ?

La skolto estas plej viliga junuloj en la mondo. Kial UK nur arangxis la kunsidojn por la religiojn, muzikojn ktp sed ne arangxis por la kunsidon de la skolto.

Skolto estis ne en la kongesa libro. Kial ?

10 August 2012

Language discrimination can be cured by Esperanto

There were many occasions that people are offended when a wrong word was used. This had happened in my country, Malaysia and the cost of the battling in the legal system and the press releases and other items are costly.