30 January 2014


I would be delighted if the Football association would smart enough to list Esperanto as the official language.

28 January 2014

This cannot be happened in Malaysia

Even they know it, Esperanto, just like the government representatives in UNESCO, they still try to be as silly as a goose.

26 January 2014

20 January 2014

Esperanto is the best language for ASEAN Community

It is much regretted that the ASEAN Community did not consult the people of ASEAN to decide for the communal language. How could this be accepted by the people of ASEAN. They have even decided to begin in 2015.

17 January 2014

15 January 2014

13 January 2014



但是,这位校长却不推广世界语 Esperanto. 那么,他的学生怎么能快乐在学堂呢?特别是那些没有语文天赋的学生,要面对着英文的折磨。

11 January 2014

UNESCO walk the talk

Fine, UNESCO, you are going to face lots of challenges in the coming years with your silly representatives in the organisation.

08 January 2014

04 January 2014



03 January 2014