30 March 2012

Esperanto hobby groups

I am having hard time to convience my friends to learn Esperanto. Even I show them the vital of billingual kids in future, they still do not touch by my words because:

1. they don't read English
2. they are still singles

20 March 2012

Which version to use ?

The Econimist mag has this to vote. Which is the best language to learn ?

This prompted me to say something which is already in my mind for a long time.

Which version of English that I must learn ?

Which version of Spanish I must learn ?

Which version of Portuguese I must learn ?

From the spell-checker, we can see the Singapore English, America, British etc

Now, my question is, I spend years of learning the above languages and I have to relearn it when if I go to Brazil, Mexico, America and the English just as well, they have to relearn it when they are in Malaysia.

Would that be a good choice to learn these variant languages ?

18 March 2012

Why not involve the hostels in Esperanto congress

Just booked the tickets, to and fro, from the low cost airlines.

The next item to do is looking for cheap lodging. I do not know how much the cost would be in the 97th UK in Hanoi, certainly, it would not be cheap as the five-star hotel.

Searching for hostel and international youth hostel, as a member of IYHA, most of the time I stay with the IYHA logo hostel. I am rest assured of the facilities and service.

However, I just wonder, the organising committee of 97th Universala Esperanto Kongreso also involves the hostels to be a part of this grand occasion.

13 March 2012

Well, come to Malaysia

We in Malaysia would tax you if you speak wrong English. We just hope you can help to promote Esperanto in Malaysia and ASEAN.

If you don't know what I am talking, watch this youtube programme.