27 February 2011

Yelling again

I am yelling again that no other countries in the world would like to cash in the money and at the same time helping to promote Esperanto.

Should the Esperantisits need a make over for the globalisation course ?

Look at this and even science courses now is on the long distance learning.

Over the last five years, online learning and other forms of distance education have experienced meteoric growth that shows few signs of slowing in the foreseeable future. Science-related fields appear to be no exception, as science professionals look to online and distance education as a way to advance their careers and qualify for higher pay and more prestigious positions. Untrained individuals and professionals with education in other disciplines also enroll in online schools for science in hopes of entering the science industry. The unprecedented level of accessibility offered by distance education makes the study of science available to more people than ever before.


Australia Esperanto is 100 years old.

Just like to congratulate the Australian Esperanto Movement which will be celebrating the centenial anniversary. How I wish this day would be soon in Malaysia. But it is not possible as even now there is no Esperanto club in Malaysia. Just hope that more Malaysians would wake up to the call of UNESCO about Esperanto which has many advantages for example the propaeduetic effects.

Gratuloj al la Auxstali- Esperanto- Associo por la cent jaroj celebroj.

15 February 2011

Can UNESCO do something more realistic ?

In the facebook was flooded with the mother tongue day items and calling to record of the last voice on earth.


It was very surprising for me that UNESCO spent the time to do the short film but did not really think of the postive move. What is the use keep recording the last voice but seeing it disapearing on earth.

As I put it on the UNESCO message that WALK THE TALK.

UNESCO recommended, some said recognised Esperanto as the International Auxiliary Language but Esperanto does not even have a place in UNESCO.

Of course, UNESCO is a part of UN but can't it function as a little more self autonomy like list Esperanto as an official language. What a funny thing is it recommend the langauge but never encourage people to use it. If it recognised Esperanto, Esperanto should be a part of the UNESCO and official status should be accorded.

I don't know the protocol of the international body. But as a layman, I think it is the way.

I used the traduku.net for the esperanto version

En la Facebook estis inund kun la denaska lingvo tago eroj kaj vok al rekordo el la lastaj voĉo sur la Tero. Estis tre surpriza por mi ke UNESKO elspezis la tempon far la mallonga filmo sed ne vere pripens la postmi estas movo. Kio estas la uzo teniĝi diskon la finan voĉon sed vidanta ĝi disapearing sur la Tero. Kiel mi metis ĝin sur la UNESKO mesaĝo ke PIEDIR LA PAROLADO. UNESKO rekomendis, iuj diris agnoskitan Esperanton kiel la Internacia Helpa lingvo sed Esperanto eĉ ne hav sian propran lokon en UNESKO. Kompreneble, UNESKO estas parto de UN sed ne povas ĝin funkcion kiel malgranda pli sin aŭtonomeco kiel listo Esperanto kiel oficiala lingvo. Kia amuza afero ĝi estas rekomendas la lingvon sed neniam instig homoj al uz ĝi. Se ĝi agnoskis Esperanton, Esperanton devus esti parto de la UNESKO kaj oficialulo statuso devus esti akordita. Mi ne sci* la protokolon de la internacia korpo. Sed kiel laiko, mi pensas tiel.