04 September 2012

Can they free themselves ?

Again, it is the issues of indegenous people.

Whether they are the local in Malaysia or in any parts of the world, the indegenous people would not be able to free themselves if they are dominated by the so called Indegenous right group who at the same time propaganda the English language.

I wrote many times in the facebook and some of the followers in the indegenous people and issues page got angry:

It is enough to say once but you keep saying Esperanto can save the indegenous people, how Esperanto can save the indegenous people. Just a language, it has such a big power.

Well, I let you to think about it if you are indegenous people who happen to surf in and read this post. If you have doubts, contact the UEA and ask them the question.

I would like to suggest you to read the 2-2 site which has more than ten languages translation now.

The only one thing I could say that Esperanto can free your communities faster is because Esperanto is easy to learn, with more people learning Esperanto, your knowledge will not be kept unknown because of linguistic impaired.

I know the Esperanto indegenous group is working very hard on the promotion of Esperanto to the indegenous people. Now my question is why the local Esperanto Association, in this case, the Brazilan Esperanto Association is not going to the field to teach Esperanto to the indegenous people.

I am working to get some Esperantists to support ONE or TWO indegenous people to attend the Esperanto course in Hainan University. This is the closest to my country and it is the cheapest that it can offer.

In fact I have tried to awaken the Malaysian indegenous people but the high rank people are mostly Australian graduates, and they won't believe it, would they ?

I wish the Esperanto in Malaysia will be taking off much better with the indegenous people coming to fight for their own lingusitic right.

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