30 May 2011

Kion vi pensas ?

Mi legis en la lernu.net ke havas diskuti pri la vortoj de familo. Mi estas shati tion.

onklego,onkleto, onklinego,onklineto.

fratego, frateto,fratinego, fratineto

Mi ne diras ke via ankaux komprenas pri la vortoj , chu ne ?


27 May 2011

Servo per Amikeco

This phrase can be seen in the enblem of International Police Association--Servo per Amikeco.

Yes, it is in Esperanto but the website has NO Esperanto version. It has only English, Spanish,German and French.

Now, the question we must ask is why they choose the nuetral language, Esperanto to have the slogan in the enblem, Servo per Amikeco but has no page of Esperanto.


Would someone like to send this IPA an email to have know why ?

Kial la organizo de IPA adoptis la esperantajn vortojn 'Servo per Amikeco'  kaj ne havas la pagxon en esperanto ? Chu iu scias la kialon ?

IDAHO en Malajzio, 2011

La artikolo estas por la IDAHO aktualajxoj en malajzio je 28 majo, 2011. Mi ankaux volas presenti al la Malajzantoj pri esperanto.

26 May 2011

Why should non official language country pay for translation in UN?

I was reading again of this great report and felt that why should the member countries of the non official language in UN or WHO etc pay for the translation fee.

24 May 2011

Esperanto goes Global

Just love the idea. It is the minority that feel it but not the majority. Esperanto language is a minority language, isn't it ? But can minority go global ?

Yes, it is how the people perceive it. Esperanto is different from other languages as it can be a international auxialiary language overnight if the leaders have the right vision for the citizens.


17 May 2011

Politics and Esperanto

Yes, quite agreed with the writer that UEA could not even produce a podcast radio to serve the Esperantists. Is that no finance help ? Come on, there are pages which host free podcast like the Radio Cherizo of Japan.

Well, once I held high respect for this international body not until recent work they show. Of course, things are better now at least there is a politcal party to voice out. Esperanto is also a minority language group. They do have mother tongue speakers. It is no longer a constructed language.

Did UEA ever do anything herself, in all her history, to start serving own radio broadcasts in Esperanto, in order to deserve any whatsoever right of voice in it?
What is, though, the most bothering question? It is... "What those petty manipulators ever did along with their clique of morally corrupt hypocrites to establish UEA's own radio broadcast?" THE ANSWER IS: ZERO!   COMPLETELY NOTHING! Not ever even one simplest Podcast by Internet!
Now... Broadcasting by internet hardly presents any problems since quite a long time for even small and a lot poorer than UEA organizations. Doesn't UEA have funds and abilities to establish own broadcasting, instead calling names, throwing dirt at best known benefactors of Esperanto movement, expressing this way UEA's ungratefulness for all the past and present efforts, good will and free bonuses to Esperanto?! After all... Poland happened to be the country where Esperanto originated, and native country of its creator... Such attitudes must be, and indeed are outright disgusting to anyone with even very basic sense of justice and good taste. What they did amounted to outright ethical atrophy plagued with moral dwarfism of the worst kind known... Its a pity that such ungratefulness found home with the largest representative of Esperanto. Why shaming Esperanto movement so badly by matters of which above all UEA alone, and only UEA, ought to be held responsible!? What a shame to UEA! Universal League shall never associate with any organization acting that way.  
Polish Radio's broadcasts in Esperanto weren't intended for scrapping but for moving to cheaper, Internet based broadcasting as better suited for worldwide reach and general characteristics of Esperantist movement, although, it was done for economical reasons, to improve personnel efficiency and management of Polish Radio in general. This was done at all levels of political and economical life in Poland, too. Reorganization was necessary, and urged for, by speeding economical and political change. Since when the "NEUTRAL"?! UEA acquired political right to interfere with internal politics of any country in the world whatsoever, and in particular, of the democratic, sovereign Poland?!

12 May 2011

Esperantists go politics?

Well, it is a change now. Read this:

UNU MONDO (mallonge UM) estas tutmonda politika partio. Ĝi aktivas por Esperanto - kaj pere de Esperanto por mondo pli paca, pli justa kaj pli humana. Per strategio de etaj paŝoj, ĝi deziras subteni kompreniĝon, pacon, demokration, homajn rajtojn kaj mediprotektadon tutmonde, kaj malpliigi la abismon inter riĉaj kaj malriĉaj landoj.   

So, gone are the days that Esperantists are non political involved.

UNU MONDO jam havas reprezentantojn en 16 landoj kaj deziras partopreni en balotoj ĉie en la mondo. En Germanio estas planite, ke UNU MONDO („EINE WELT“) partoprenos en la landa baloto en Hesio en aŭtuno 2013 kaj la eŭropa baloto en printempo 2014.


07 May 2011

From EU --Lingua Franca: Chimera or Reality?

Interesting, the report will give you better idea of how EU is going to spend the money in translation. How many trees are going to be cut down and how much money are going to spend just in the meeting rooms getting translation across.

Starting from a historical perspective, the paper looks into the pros and cons of a lingua franca.


03 May 2011

If you don't feel angry, you are not human.

Do you feel angry when you read this info ?

There’s a very practical reason to adopt Esperanto. Currently we waste a lot of resources pretending English is an adequate medium of international communication and in translation. Let me give you one example. In 1975 the World Health Organization denied the following requests:
  • $ 148,200 to improve the health service in Bangladesh
  • $ 83,000 to fight leprosy in Burma
  • 50 cents per patient to cure trachoma, which causes blindness.
  • $ 26,000 to improve hygiene in the Dominican Republic
All those requests denied. It seems the World Health Organization didn’t have much money. But that same year they approved Arabic and Chinese as working languages requiring lots of translations and increasing the expenses of the WHO by $ 5,000,000 per year. That’s right, 5 million dollars per year spent on translation when they couldn’t give 50 cents to cure trachoma.


I think those languages that are used in the international organisations like UN. WHO etc, the country of that particular langguages should bear all the costs of translation but not the other member countries.

Please share with us more data of these sorts of evil doing things.