15 September 2012

Mi jam faris mian parton

Mi jam helpis promoci la Esperantan kurson de Insulo kiu okazos en Hainan Universitato je venonta januare.

Nun mi volas komenti iom pri la adminstrado.

It is good to have the course and it would certainly enhance the development of international language—Esperanto.

However, the time is most likely for the Chinese people and the students and pupils. Perhaps, it would fit into the northern hemisphere countries which has long winter holidays. But I doubted it as it will be after the Christmas and there might be schooling time again as the Europeans do not have the Spring Festival.

It would be fine if the organiser could get the Xi En to come in as a sponsor to help in the publicity part. Xi En this Fujian company invested a lot in promotion. They even went into film production. You should have seen the posters that they hang during the 97th International Esperanto Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I just wonder that the course coordinator writes to all the universities and high schools about this event. If they do not, it would a big appointment. If they did but the response is bad, we have to find out what the reason is.

I wrote an article in English about it and I have done my part as a komencanto de esperanto in helping the comrades in promoting Esperanto.

It is certainly not the good time for the ASEAN countries whether for the office workers, too long the learning session, it is difficult to apply leave for about a month. The schools in most ASEAN schools and universities are in progress, like Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei are just starting the new academic year.

Therefore, it is still the Chinese be the biggest market for this course, and of course, Taiwan would be similar but I don't think Hong Kong is similar unless they have totally reverted to the Chinese system but not the British system.

Well, just wish the Insulo a success and Malaysia might like to work with the course director in future but we will not cater for other countries but just Malaysia. I do not bank on the hope of Singaporeans.

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