29 May 2012

This can be done by many Esperantists

This is the a good idea to help to spread the Esperanto learning. I was waiting for more to say they would be also doing it in their locations.

I did that from time to time. Certainly, it is not a happy ending as most learners are not too keen in Esperanto as they still do not want to use the Facebook facilities like the Esperanto page or join the Esperanto pages and groups.

This is the situation in my country. We are forced to learn many languages when the day we arrived in the world. The mother tongue and the national language, English is make compulsary by the stupid government, which thinks the world would be better with English. Even they have representatives in the UN and UNESCO, how can they never heard of Esperanto when the 3 minutes speech yearly.

Now, just spend a little time of yours, and more Esperanto speakers could be found on earth.

Well, do what you think you can, even a chat with the neighbour about Esperanto is good for the kids would probably awake them later if they have young children at home.

28 May 2012

How many kinds of Esperantists ?

Certainly, I am not surprised to find so many groups of Esperantists. Basically they are:

1.language lover
2. just to say a few words for fun
3.the movement campaigner
4.wait and see, if Esperanto is going to be a major language, continue to learn it.
5.too 'hot' and too 'engross' in wanting to build Esperanto nation
6.mother tongue users.

Well, I think that would be more if I am active in the scene.

25 May 2012

E-Volunteer World Project

After reading this article, I was a little upset and felt annoyed why the minority tribes are all the time to be marginalised and in the losing ends.

Though it is not easy to get past the government to introduce Esperanto in the schools hence we have to do the relay translation.

But the money that spent to train the translator is more than teaching them Esperanto. The article in 2-2.se came to me again that no child be losing out due to language and social economy.

Thus, I have this idea that why not start from a place, we always need to begin somewhere and small, the E-volunteer World Projet (EVWP) or PEVM in Esperanto--Projekto de Esperanto Volunto Mondo.

22 May 2012

Did he not knowing he did not able to understand Esperanto?

What I mean by saying Esperanto has lost its momentum, is that it hasn't managed to realise its potential. As far as I understood, its ambition was to serve as the primary communication language between people with different mother tongues. I think it has been used like that in the twenties and the thirties (maybe longer), but you'll have to admit that English is in that position now. The fact that both this blog and our comments are in English, rather than in Esperanto, is just one example. My impression is that Esperanto is confined to the Esperantist community that is so vociferously spreading it.


Well, the article attracted lots of comments and I just wonder whether this Dutch man can understand Esperanto if all the Esperantists commenting on the article are using Esperanto. By doing so,he may again accusing Esperantists not politely honnoring him as the article is written in English.

UN voices

Just came to this page and find it is good. But just wondering, there is someone writing to the page for the inclusion of Esperanto ?

The UNESCO recommend Esperanto for the International auxilary language, however, it is just only preaching but not doing it.

Who would agree to the calling of UNESCO ? If it is the good language as listed by UNESCO, this international body should take the lead by example, use it officially in the organisation and other funcitons.

Do you want twitter to have Esperanto page ?

Well, here it is again twitter is looking for translation. It seems twitter is more interested in translating the so called tribal language, thus it should consider to translate semai language of the indigenous people in my country, who may not total up to 10,000 people.

Facebook has the Esperanto version, the google has the Esperanto search page and also the translator.  But alas, the blogspot, which is a subsidiary company of google has no Esperanto version.

19 May 2012

China Esperanto Merchant Group

Why so many people worried about the powerful China ?

It is the process of growth and it is fair to be too.

Many silly heads of the countries would quickly, either to please China or too much of fears in their heads and quickly to force the people to learn Chinese language.

Don't they know that China has the Esperanto merchant league group ? Just learn Esperanto and you can trade with them.

China does not force you to learn the language of hers. If some of the traders have such a pact in the agreement, expose it to the public.

15 May 2012

Esperanto does not work for Indigenous people

I was very annoyed when I replied to the Indigenous people group in facebook and the indigenous lovers or they are the true indigenous people, I don't know, feeling scarstic by replying ' posting one time is enough' 'how esperanto can save the dying language ?'

This promoted me to think twice and trice that Esperantists are really doing the job or just still hanging on the 'esperanto is a peace language ' stuff.

In Asia, there are many Indigeous people, they can't earn a meal a day due to the uneducated background. Thus, they are all the time being bullied.

11 May 2012

Esperanto TED programme

This is not my first post about this complaints. I remembered I wrote about it in the past and even argued in the forum pages about the TED programme.

Well, it is good to be a part of TED for Esperanto translation, however, I still prefer that Esperantists should consider to make a programme in Esperanto instead of translating it.

Watch the speakers, they all have to command a reasonably good English, or maybe , the script is prewritten.

Whatever it is, the translation will not be so accurate to the text what the speakers were saying. Perhaps, it is due to the translator.

If the programme is made in Esperanto, as most Esperantists argued that Esperanto is easy to learn, in 6 months, perhaps, we can see more of the Amazon tribes appeared on the Esperanto TED programmes to tell the world what have happened to their lands and lives being threatened by the greedy developers and governments.


I accidentally came to a website which has ttt.uea.org and it is the UEA site. I was delighted to see the UEA new site but alas my internet and computer is not ablet to read every page as there are some shortcoming of the software programmes.

At least, now the UEA is using ttt instead of www as the website.

Since the Esperanto world has accepted the ttt=www for the Esperanto page, all Esperanto organisation should write the web address in ttt instead of www.

By doing so, it will create something, like the awareness of the people when they surf the pages or when they read the web address. They must be thinking it is wrong web address and this would be able to get more attention.

08 May 2012

How much activities in ASEAN

Well, you can see the facebook group thus far in the ASEAN countries.

But unfortunately, there is one group from Vietnam and soon will be archaived due to inactive state.

I never been to Vietnam and don't know the problem of net connection there. However, judging from the Vietnam Travel facebook page, you can see the tremendous response of it.

Thus, I am still waiting for the Vietnam Esperanto Association to get a free page of Facebook and Twitter to disseminate the information of 97th UK in 2012.

Esperantist businessmen, listen to this

Just surprise that the European university using English in China.

What about the Esperanto ?

I have enough complaints in the blog, I am not going to say long.

Just listen to it and if you cannot understand it, get someone to translate in your language.

07 May 2012

UEA devu halti tuj

Universala Esperanto-Asocio devu halti tiun agadon tuj.

Again, I was raged to see the UEA, the world body of Esperanto did not make a proper management in the Universala Kongreso (World Congress) for the 97th occasion.

I did mention this long time ago in my post. But, disgusting to see the same incident happened again and this will certainly happen again if it is not checked.

I ran through the list of participants and saw some names in the countries which have no participants. But these people are not the citizen of those countries but they are listed in those countries.

Just a simple column to fill the citizenship but not merely based on the postal address that the documents and contacts are filled. How could people believe that the countries have those people speaking Esperanto ? It is misleading by UEA.

Please correct your fault if you are possible, even begins with the 97th Universala Kongreso.

05 May 2012

Esperanto Teacher Training Is on NOW

Wow, congratulations to all the good effort made. By doing so, more and more Esperanto teachers are produced.

With that, I am sure that the government in European countries and even the Malaysia government soon or later would have no excuses to say no qualified Esperanto teacher.

Yes, the modern technology can do something which the other people, (should I say the oppressor ?) can not do.

Therefore, if you like to travel and love teaching languages, this is a good opportunity for you. It will take a year or so to complete the course but it is much better than you have nothing to proof that you are a qualified Esperanto teacher.

Take a look here, if you do not know Esperanto, learn now. You can watch this short film too.

The original site of Edukado.net


01 May 2012

Pink or Green dollars ?

I wrote about this Green dollars long time again and now, I am again on this boring subject. If there are quick minded Esperantists who are in this business area, they should thank me for this post.

Now the Pink dollars are invading the cities and towns.

Well, the Green dollars can do the same. The verda mono can be traced which shop has the Esperanto shop assistants. Only those not travel often or very rich Esperantists would not feel the pain in taking to the shopkeepers and they don't understand what you want.

We do nothing with the 'sex', please pardon me for this word, as many people think the Gay and Lesbians are only looking for sex encouters and they would look for saunna etc.

However, verda mono is more to that, perhaps.