30 September 2011

Who speaks Esperanto ?

There is always a conflict between European Esperantists and Asian Esperantists. The question is Esperanto has a longer history in Europe because it was borne in Europe. But to Asians, Esperanto is another imported language.

28 September 2011

How many people speak Esperanto ?

Just love this comment. This is also what I face when I am in my promotion of Esperanto. People tend to know how many people speak Esperanto, the time spend to learn is not a matter of fact, it is the usefulness.

Speaking two languages or more in my country, Malaysia is very common. Though some of the languages may not be proficiency, it has the purpose of communication.

As my friends said, they never heard Esperanto in Europe on the street eventhough Esperanto was borne in Europe.

Care to consider this matter more instead of keep talking how good the language is if the Esperantists or Esperanto speakers are not even using some at home with the family members.

Whether or not one can speak a language fluently after only a short period of instruction is not a good test of “workability”. The best test is always to see how many people currently speak a given language and, on that basis, Esperanto falls short. Perhaps after a sustained and coordinated campaign of state-sponsored education this might change (as happened to promote the “French language” in 19th Century France) but this would not be politically possible (nor, arguably, even desirable).
It’s true that having English as the “common language” of Europe might not be politically neutral – but does English as a language really belong to the English as a nation? Just as Latin survived the fall of the Roman Empire, English has survived the fall of the British Empire and lives on as common property.


Without justice, there is no peace

Of late, the Esperanto speakers or Esperantists are still talking and even arguing the fact what Esperanto would become.

Some said it is for peace.

Some said it is for the world communication.

Some said it is a part of my life.

Some said it is for fun.

Some said it is for business.

Some said...

Well, the list goes on with different ideas.

Just as someone said the word esperantistoj and esperantoparolantoj and the in English Esperanto speakers and Esperantists. According to wilki definition, Esperantists are those take Esperanto as seious as their life. But for esperantistoj and esperantoparolantoj en Esperanto, I am not sure how they use it for.

It would be that those arguing the Esperanto would be in two camps,one if serious and the other is no.

But of all the above, mostly agree it is the function of peace. Well, a question pop up from my friends that, without peace, can we attain peace ? Even those speaking the same language are still fighting among themselves. From the history to the modern day.

I am speechless. Yes, it is true, isn't it ?

Just to speak the same language without the justice, can we achieve peace ?

What would the future slogan of Esperanto ?

You think about it, but certainly not just the world of peace.

26 September 2011

Esperanto is worse than GLBT activities

I think what my friends are worth considering.

Though they were jokingly saying it but for me, I felt deep to be ashamed of as a future Esperanto speaker.

The Gays and Lesbians in many parts of the world are facing more pressures than the Esperanto movement in today's world. But the Esperanto sports seem a distance name for me. I think also never happen before.

As I know Esperanto activities are mainly circled around the art but not sports. Though in politics and economy too as the International Esperanto Comerce is one of the examples.

I have twitted many times and again saying it in the Facebook.

But, I am saying to the wrong person.

My friends asked:

'Are your Esperanto speakers softies? They don't like sports. They just like to sit and read books????'

I really cannot answer it. For me, I like sports and I wish I could participate in one of the sports event. Not for trophy though.

What would the feeling Esperanto speakers as you are reading this. The GLBT can hold the sports and I also know of there is an ASEAN GLBT Games in rotation and even now, expand to Asia zone.


Esperanto is for the poor people.

I was annoyed once upon a time when I read about the comment in the Yahoo answer page.

Later, I agreed with the writer.

Look ! Be more tolerant

I was feeling disgusted with some Esperanto speakers. They seem not able to understand the world is made up of many kinds of spices. They are not the only ONE that live on the earth.

They were fortunate to learn Esperanto in the schools or universities. But, for us in the ASEAN region, we have to make use of our free time and resources to learn this language called ESPERANTO.

I know they love Esperanto much, but you must be tolerant to accept the notices that appear in our mother tongue or local languages.

Do you know we have more languages in Asia than the Europe and Latin America ? Just in Indonesia, it is more than 600 languages and in Malaysia is 214 tribes. It is almost a thousand languages in just in two countries.

If you want Esperanto to be a part of the day in everyone, welcome to come to ASEAN, bring us the books and textbooks. Don't just come in emptied handed. We need readers here. Languages are not just merely learn in the classrooms, readers are the vital part to strengthen the impression of the language. Don't forget, very few words in Esperanto are from Asian languages and we, some, like Thais, Chinese, Tamil, Punjabee etc have to learn the alphabets of Esperanto as the mother tongue languages are nothing in common with the A, BO,CO.

The reading materials, like novels and magazines are all printed in Europe or America, which are selling in US dollars and Euros. Do you think the low income groups can buy them ? Without the old books programmes, like the English books, some of the countries, they collected the old books and send to us as readers. Of course, we don't mind they are old books.

Thus, I would not add these people into any groups in Facebook. Just to avoid the embarrassment and annoyance of reading : What language is that ? Why can't you write in Esperanto.

Let me tell you, it is not possible to leave the mother tongue out in all the post and notices in our groups unless we can get the Esperanto be taught in the schools.

Who care to share with me, how many countries have made Esperanto as a mandatory subject in the schools?

23 September 2011

Be a bilingual country in 200 hours

If your country leaders are wise enough, your country can be a bilingual country in 200 hours.

It is no joke.

Yes, it is Esperanto as a second or foreign language.

It may be the citizens of your country still learning the mother tongue or national language, the learners can already communicate with people in other parts of the world.

Thus, tell your leaders in your country, the simple fact to be a bi-lingual country in just 200 hours.

Of course, the vote in your hands are vital if you do not like your future generation to suffer so much as the 2-2 pointed out

Be a bilingual country in 200 hours.

Traduku en Esperanto

I am not trained as a translator but I did some translation work.

There are many arguments in the Esperanto translation. Some like it to maintain the same name, especially when it is a product. Others prefer to have it translated in sound and in meaning.

I certainly going for the meaning translation if it is possible. For example the twitter, one told me that he is not a bird, he does not like to use the word pepi, he prefers tvitero.

It is wise to create another word for the Esperanto users to remember the world or rather use the meaning which is equivalent to it in Esperanto.

Now take a look of the currently, a very popular social media, one is Facebook and the other is Twitter. Many Esperanto speakers like to use fejsbuko and tvitero. But for me, I beg your pardon, I like to use vizagxolibro and pepilo.

Well, in the Facila Vento, I surprisingly realised that they use Vindoso for Windows and Linukso for Linux. I have no complain about the linukso, it is nothing the meaning in it. But for Windows, why not translated it as fenestro.

You may complain that which window is that. I would suggest to combine the word of computer to form komfenestro. There won't not take one too much time to say komputa fenestro just as the Chinese language translated as 视窗,which means the window to see.

We already have too many vocabulary to remember in our mother tongue language, why not do something as the late Zamenholf liked to do, SIMPLE.

Many young Esperanto all the time are restless, they want something hot and pop. They created new words which has no meaning in Esperanto.

If you cannot create a better one, just keep the origin ones, like the name of the car, wine etc.

Keep Esperanto simple, please.

Dr Zamenholf in the wrong making

There are many different types of people and of course different types of Esperanto speakers. Recently, I came across a few young Esperanto speakers are trying to invent a new language.

With the ideas of how Esperanto was created, they start to waste their time to look for a new Zamenholf in the making. Just look at this short film from the youtube.


These Zamenholf in the making may know and may not know how all the constructed languages failed to achieve the what Esperanto is today.

I do not like to pin point to who and what he/she likes to do for his past time, to create a new language just for fun. But I am thinking it is a silly waste of time. I would use my time to learn up Esperanto and write to the Esperanto Magazines as a contributor, perhaps, venture into the publishing of Esperanto gazette.

As the late Dr Piron pointed out, there would not be any other constructed languages to be compete with Esperanto because there is no UNESCO back up.

Come back to real life, my friends, help your country men to learn Esperanto to get rid of the illiterates, instead of wasting the time, sitting lonesomely for a futile project.

p/s: I could not find Dr Piron's work on the issue that other constructed languages would replace Esperanto, if you can find one, please leave the message, I thank you in advance.

Can the youth today think for tomorrow ?

How intelligent are the youth of today. Of course, this does not apply to the countries in the West that they do not have to learn a second or foreign language. I merely able to say it from the context from my country, Malaysia, to an extend would be ASEAN countries or perhaps Asia, which we have similar cultures.

If the youth in my country are intelligent enough, they would start to learn Esperanto,which is one of the 100 top languages in the world, according to BBC report, to top up their resume when they graduate from the university studies.

Esperanto is not only a language to be put in the resume, for the Science students, there is, at the moment which I know of, an Esperanto Science Review which publishes few issues a year. The Teleskopo is a good chance to get the information which are not in the English magazine and at the same time, they can publish their researches in the Teleskopo.

After completing the undergraduate courses, they might like to seek for another experience in the Europe, they can continue to study in the Esperanto University, AIS.

For those who are less fortunate that they can not afford the high cost of European cost of living, they can also consider to take the external courses.

As for the business and administration students, Esperanto would provide them a chance in the Esperanto Commercial League activities, which perhaps, can score contracts during the IKEF meet. The China Esperanto Commercial League is going into 5th year in 2011 and soon they will be into a major event in China as more and more Chinese merchants realise the advantages of the Esperanto commerce.

Therefore, it is upon you, the youth of today to think for the challenging days which might lay ahead of two decades from now. Learning a language is not in a day or a month. It takes time.

If you know the decline of French language, thus, you might like to agree with Dr Ostler's new work.

18 September 2011

Conditions for hosting the Universala Kongreso

In my earlier post, I did mention about the rules and regulations to award the organising right to host the Universala Kongreso (UK). Here, I would like to stress that I do not have any intention to discredit anyone but just like to share my ideas with friends and foes.

It is not in the last 50 years but with the internet age, all info can be sent to with a click of the mouse. Thus, we need to be able to submit the info in minutes if not seconds. Looking at the last year event which was held in Denmark, I could not find they were using the facebook and twitter as a part of the promotion. These two social networkings are free of charge. 

Now we look at the coming even which will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. What they have done ? Haven't they already know that they are the host for the even in the 2012 just as the Iceland is the host in the 2013.

One of the conditions to be able to host the UK is :

The Congress has to be officially invited by an Esperanto body: e.g. national organization, local Esperanto society or similar. The invitation has to be supported by local government and tourist authorities. The country of venue (specifically, the Ministry of Internal and/or External Affairs) must guarantee that all the participants will be allowed to enter the country, regardless of their own country of origin. The inviting body must also agree to respect the Congress Regulations and Constitution of UEA, especially those referring to the political and ideological neutrality of UEA.
I shall not barking too much but just wish to suggest that in future, the considerations for the host should be amended to include the followings:

  1. the number of speakers of Esperanto in the area of hosting should be at least One thousand and above.
  2. The host should be able to use the technology well and should have few full time staff to man the affairs.
  3. They should be able to include the economy activities to boost the local economy and bring in good income for the local residents and shops. They should submit together with the proposal.

Now we look at the Olympic, yes, they are the big events and with the support of the government. We would be able to get all the TV stations to screen the event but to the least, they should be a mascot and other kinds of souvenirs on sales, even via the internet shop.

P/s: there are thousands of vietnamese working in my country and non of them, as far as i have met, know what Esperanto is. Thus, does it a meaning even to participate for me ? Mi pensas pri tio.

14 September 2011

Komentoj pri Esperanto

This comment caught my eyes and I certainly agreed with Brian Barker.

As long as Esperanto speakers remain in their own ghetto, or act as a private sect 0r club, the situation with the mass media will stay the same.

Without being evangelical about the language, speakers of Esperanto should contact the mass media, to tell them that - for example - following a short period of 124 years Esperanto is now in the top 100 languages, out of 6,800 worldwide. Also http://www.lernu.net has 125 000 hits per day and Esperanto Wikipedia enjoys 400 000 hits per day. Esperanto Wikipedia has 150,000 entries, ahead of Danish and Arabic.

There are two urban myths which need to be exploded. Firstly that “everyone speaks English” and secondly “no-one speaks Esperanto” . Neither of these are true and need to be challenged.


How much the esperanto speakers are dealing with the Press in their respective countries ? Just writing in mere Esperanto won't help to promote Esperanto, the local people in your country may not understand.