07 September 2012

R n D for Esperanto movement

I left this post for a long time in the draft section. The very reason is I am too tired in writing. Too many articles to write. There are Chinese blog posts, Esperanto blog posts and English blog posts.

The killing part for me is my internet connection. It is running in GPRS speed and mind you, it is too difficult to connect with the blogspot.com

Well, it is nothing I could do unless I improve my financial situation so that I could use the landline for the connection of internet, otherwise, just leave it as such.

I like to write a post a day, but many time I could not do it.

Here is the article worth your thought and there were familiar names commented on it. But I like this few sentences, I wish the Esperanto associations presidents in the world should read it and plan for the next action

Rising competition for R&D talent and increasingly mature markets in all parts of the world are making the management of global R&D teams an ever more important priority      


It is difficult as there are still power struggling in the Esperanto associations in many countries.

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