31 July 2015

Esperanto helps to reduce dementia

If you care about yourself and your future generation would get old age dementia. It is wise to take the action now.

27 July 2015

Libera universitato

Senlaboroj, senlernantoj de esperanto

Jes, vi jam legis multajn artikolojn de mi pri la kritikoj de Esperantujo. Se vi ne ŝatus tiun, bv fermi vian komputilon.

25 July 2015

Comment:France Revolting Over English Takeover of Brussels

If you are worrying about that, why you opposed Esperanto in the early 20s. Here the you is referring to France.

21 July 2015

15 July 2015

South Africa representative to United Nations should make speech in Esperanto

According to the Wikipedia information, South Africa has 11 official languages in the country. Of which only one is in the Untied Nations as the official language.

13 July 2015



06 July 2015

Learn Esperanto instead of using machine translator

Esperanto can help to improve the brain of the children.

Can you trust the translators, whether it is machine or human?