07 September 2012

Esperanto tourism industry is taking flight

I am all the time ignoring this part of the Esperanto activity as the info is too little and nothing much is reported. I depend greatly in English texts and Chinese texts.

Now the Brazil has begun the Esperanto tourismo.

The China Esperantists started some years back but it seems that less demand from the Esperantists, thus, the tourist guides, especially have to look for other jobs.

Though The Forbidden City has prepared the Esperanto guide device, I would doubt with so many languages available, how many would ask for Esperanto guide device.

The question is how many Esperantists look up for the esperanto tour guide. Most still would look for their mother language tour guide despite they might be Esperanto speakers. Most tour guides are trained in major languages.

To get the Esperantists together and travel, it is hard, isn't it ? To mix with non Esperanto to form a group is easier. Money counts, the tour company won't provide two tour guides for a group.

What the WTO Manila Manifesto goes now. I could not find the full report. But thanks the Indonesian Esperantist who has helped me to find this pdf book. I have no time to read it yet.

How to get the esperanto tourism off the ground would be depending on the Esperantists to demand for the Esperanto speaking staff whether inland or outbound tour.

But I know in many countries, it would be frowned upon to ask for non local language if you are a local. China is one of the example as my experince counted for. The two Chinese won't speak other languages even both know the foreign languages well.

However, you can see many Malaysian Chinese, Indians and other indegenous people don't speak their mother tongue but foreign languages, like English.

The Poland Esperanto Tourism course, I read in the 2012 UEA year book, it costs only 200-400 Euro per year. I think it is good to have that course in more countries and they can exchange students for better training as tourism needs more travelling.

I wish I could strike lotery.

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