22 June 2012

Will Europe countries choose Esperanto as second language ?

I got this from the Eulang at the facebook. Hope the leaders of the EU could consider the low cost second foreign language instead of others. The language lovers may learn more, of course.

Fascinating figures from the new Eurobarometer report on attitudes to languages across Europe. 72% agree with the mother tongue plus 2 principle, while there’s a huge support for language learning (98%) its countered by only 54% saying they were able to hold a conversation in another language.

Unsurprisingly small states are the most bilingual (Luxembourg 98%, Latvia 95%, Slovenia 9”%). English continues to increase its usage as Europeans preferred second language, with the preference for French appearing to go into terminal decline dropping by 13% since 2005.

One problem we have with the study is that it has a member state mindset with its focus on state languages and not recognising lesser used languages equally so as to give a more accurate linguistic picture.

This despite that ‘Most Europeans think that all languages spoken within the EU should be treated equally’, according to the report and that some ‘lesser-used’ languages have more speakers than certain state languages.

Report in PDF

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