05 June 2012

Is he trying to attract attention ?

After commenting in his blog post, I felt a little regrets.

I saw this line post my comment as I thought it is going to be poll. Well, it is the poll, but for who ? Him, personally ?

These results strike me as ridiculously useless, but Intelligent Life got over 11,000 responses to this poll, so I’m going to do a poll too, and hopefully all those outraged Esperanto lovers will bring plenty of traffic to this blog, and send me hate mail in Esperanto, or worse, carefully crafted and thoughtful essays on the value and importance of Esperanto, which is much more annoying.

Till now, many people still doubt about Esperanto. Well, the UNESCO must be a useless body in the world as the recognition and recommendation of this world body are not being respected by the many in the world. Is UNESCO only a rubber-stamp organisation?

In his reply to the comment:

I’ve been in the business for 20 years, and provide translation services in over 150 languages, translating an average about 90 different languages to and from English in a year. I have yet to see a request for Esperanto.

He is kind of boosting, should the Esperantists boycott his translation work?

Now, it is time for the Esperantists business persons to list the requirement of working in his/her company. Language requirement, Esperanto preferred.

This is how the Malaysian investors, whether they are from Britian, French, German or Japan would highlight that. Thus, this pressurise the Malaysians to believe that English in important. I beliveve there are many Esperantist investors in the world. Unfortunately, they don' t have the gut to do that even in their home lands.

But these Esperantists keep going and shouting for the good of Esperanto.

Action speaks louder than words.


  1. You wrote: "Till now, many people still doubt about Esperanto."

    That's not the point. Esperanto is something rather new to many people and it is quite normal that most people are doubting about new things. They doubted about trains and about mobiles and about nearly everything new.

    The main question is: How many people are we convincing to learn Esperanto? To do this we have to inform thousands of people. And we have to inform them many times, ten times will be good. So: Select a small target group of perhaps 1000 people (e.g. highschool students). Inform them thoroughly about Esperanto, try to reach that at least half of them heard at least ten times about different aspects and advantages of Esperanto. Then about 5 to 10 people out of these 1000 will probably learn Esperanto.

    Perhaps you'll like to have a look on my lecture about advertisement and repeating, Varbado bezonas ripetadon, http://www.esperantoland.org/dosieroj/Varbado_bezonas_ripetadon_Prelego_KEK2012.pdf

    On http://www.1-800-translate.com/TranslationBlog/language/what-is-the-best-language-to-learn/ Ken wrote: "I have yet to see a request for Esperanto." So I replied: "This seems to prove:
    Esperanto is so easy – you don’t even need a translation service for it :-)" Which he accepted loughing... LOL

    It is not yet the time to earn money translating Esperanto. Now it's the time to enjoy speaking Esperanto with people from all over the world :-)))

  2. Thanks sir. I certainly agreed with you about the school talk and I did it and now, more than 1,000 people have heard my talk and more throught the local newspaper reporting. But they still don't learn it because the government makes English language a compulsary pass. Which is unfair .

    I do agree with you that advertisement does play a role in diseminating the info. However, in my other posts, sports, singing contests, painting etc activities are crucial too to let the learners to participate in it. That is why English is accepted by more people with the sponsors from the British firms like Oxford Press and even British High Commission in certain sectors.

    I paid from my own pockets to go for advertisements and printing T shirt with Esperanto going around the places. I should upload the picture in some other posts, maybe I have done it.