04 June 2012

Esperanto NGO training

I was reading an advertisement which appeared on the Facebook. The training session was in Hong Kong. It was about NGO worker training.

Well, this prompted me to think of why there is no Esperanto NGO workshops for the Esperanto speakers, especially for the youngs ?

There can be many NGO as I have mentioned in the posts in the past.

1. Esperanto medical NGO
2. Esperanto education NGO
3.Esperanto commerce NGO

Huh, you may find strange to have the commerce NGO. It is not to do business but to help the underprivilege folks to learn how to be a business man or woman.

I search the web, I found nothing about it.

It is time for the Esperanto movement groups to consider that we are living in the 21st century now. Defending the mother tongue education is still the cause but we have to get more people to learn and know Esperanto.

With a small group of professionals who can spare some time to train the youngs, and these youngs would be the strong force for the Esperanto movement.

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