12 June 2012

How far can Esperanto go ?

This is not my first posting about the Esperanto sports meet or games.

Therefore, I do not have to say more about it. But just to highlight a conversation that I had with a young esperantist. He might be reading this post.

Well, I was suggesting to form a Geography facebook group in Esperanto and of course I would like to see the History and others. Though there are groups in sports in Facebook, they are merely the spectators rather than the movers, just as most Esperanto learners know nothing much of the concept of Esperanto being recognised and recommended by the UNESCO.

Will Esperantists have more difficulties to get to organise the sports meet if compared to the GBLT community in the world. As I have said, GBLT is facing more pressures than Esperanto.

I created a forum with all the sectors, if not,most, from the language learning to commerce, travelling, religions, of course, Physic, Biology etc. The forum was deleted because I was not active enough to login. The rules are if the creator does not login for a month, even the moderators did, the group or forum will be deleted.

My efforts were gone.

I know how money speaks volumn but I am poor and using the GPRS speed. The forum at times, not even able to login.

If Esperantists only maintain in the language right but are not venturing into other sectors, it would be taking another century to get Esperanto moving.

I learn a new language, I would like to read something in my interests. If there is nothing in it, why I should learn it.

The National Geographic starts with a few members but now it is going international. I read it when I was young.

Sports can get more people, more different races/tribes together under one roof. Sports units more people. From the world cup, the testmony goes.

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