18 June 2012

Funny thoughts

There is an Esperantist.
He criticises English a lot but he did not criticises Spanish, his mother tongue and is also his national language.

He is annoyed with English of killing mother tongue of others, but he still support Spanish and even made lesson to teach Spanish.

Well, now, he did not realised that Spanish had killed many languages in the past and now left with him still, the Spanish language. What about his mother tongue ? He did not know. He has too many bloods in his body.

In fact, this post would anger few, maybe some of the Esperanto speakers. It is a fact and it is my personal opinio. I hurt no one and no intention to criticise anyone.

The Latin America countries or so called the South American countries should stop using Spanish as their nationals language. This would by way reducing the power of Spanish and this would not be a language in the United Nations.

The Portuguse is getting stronger, and there is the Brazil Porguese and the Portugal Portugese. If I happened to learn the Brazil Portuguses, I have to relearnt the Portugal Portugese when I skajpe with the Portuguse. My time and efforts are wasted.

The Esperantists in the Latin America said it is difficult for them to choose the national language, thus, they remain the same,using the colonial language of the past.

Well, isn't Esperanto is the best choice when it is hard to decide which is a fair language for the people and country?

This is the same for the formal French colonies and now the independent countries to consider throwing about the use of French. The same reason goes with the above for the UN to reduce the use of ONE more official language.

Would the leaders dare to do so ? Certainly now. Because these leaders have to learn Esperanto, especially those who are in the age of 50s.

Jes, the fight of Esperantists can be in many ways.

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