22 June 2012

Esperanto Literature Month in November

It is good to know that there is an Esperanto reading contest. This is called the Esperanto Sumoo.This is not the sumo wrestling. This took me back to my earlier post of Esperanto writing month.

The National Novel Writing Month which I took part before I started to learn Esperanto, it really gave me the habit of writing, thus you can read my blogs very often.

The activity grew from small to big now. Now they have the sub-forum for the Esperanto speakers.

Writing is more difficult than reading, it is the true fact. But the National Writing Month is not looking very much into the quality but it is very much to encourage of " write it daily" habit.

It is tough for those who could not control the English well, like me, not a native speaker of English, the limited vocabulary that I have would see the words keep appearing very often. But it gave the discipline that I must keep writing and must write something every day. It maybe 200 words or 500 words. By writing 500 words, it already took me more than 3 hours. In between the working time and after the wroking time, especially at night.

There is no price money but only PDF certificate of completion. However, the literature work that you created will be published one day.

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