08 June 2012

The last frontier of English language in the world

I don't know what I heard it correct or not. If it is correct, I could conclude that the last frontier of English language in the world is ASEAN countries.
This agrees with Dr Osltle's work of The Last Lingua Franca....

Therefore, the KAEM and UEA should seriously consider to do something about it in this part of the world, especially the East Timur, which would be in ASEAN too. Of course, East Timur is heavily pro Australia.

Well, now what the Esperantists world is going to do. Leave the last frontier there to have more bullets for the English speakers to talk about it or get down to work and get it see the results.

The short film said, I wish my English is not too bad, that the speakers of English in South East Asia are more than the native speakers of British and America combined. Yes, South East Asia is ASEAN.

English is the official language of ASEAN bodies. Therefore, still large amount of translation cost for the non English speaker countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam etc. These translation cost can be used for the education and health care for the respective countries.

I shall leave it to the esperantists but would like to urge those esperantist businessmen who invest in ASEAN countries get your first move, start classes of Esperanto in your business compound and get all your staff to learn Esperanto. By doing so, you can help to bulldoze the frontier down.

p/s: I wish to get that book to read, the book which appeared in the short film to have an evidence to say SEA is the largest speakers of English in the world.

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