05 June 2012

Federation of Esperanto ASEAN (FEA)

I wrote about this hope in the past. I am still dreaming of FEA.

How beautiful this FEA, angel in Esperanto can come to me and we all rejoice in the gaity mood. Yes, this is the scene that comes very often in my days and nights.

For the GLBT, they are even harder as many countries do not endorse of homosexual marriages. But to my surprise, this meeting got the support from the Brtish High Commission.

I was speechless for a while and think what and why this is to be.

Esperanto is openly a language which is recommended by the UNESCO and strongly encouraged to learn it by all the countries in the world. But no one comes to sponsor it.

Therefore, it is high time that we have to consider  buying foreign goods. It is rather to support the local business, perhaps, they can support a few dollars and cents for the Esperanto activities.

Yes, this is what I am doing now. If the shopkeeper greet me " Saluton", I would support his/her business. If he/she greets me "hello', which is not a good word, according to wikipedia. I would not frequent the shop.

For you and for me, I think we have to come together to get what we need. Support the Esperanto business.

But, how many Esperantists ready list down the shops that use Esperanto with the customer ?

I have at least 3 hawkers who can say Saluton when I go for the food and sundry.


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