24 June 2012

Money talks

The Rio +20 was over and the konkurso de esperanto in the top ten question was a NIL. I was disappointed that many esperantists did not know about this voting.

To my dismal when I got a reply from Stefano Keller that he sent mails to all the Esperanto Asociation in the world till his email was blocked by Gmail.

The funny question is the so called 2 millions esperanto speakers where are you ?

Many did not think of how they can save the money if Esperanto is the auxiliary language of the world. The very foremost would be the huge cost of translation in the United Nations and its affliates. Imagin, these money can be used for education and health care programmes. I was told many member countries did not pay the UN membership fees. Aha, perhaps, they don't feel the pinch.

I think those in the monolingual countries will not sense that one person has to learn so many languages in the school. Besides, many countries, especially the youngs are so used to the 'control' language that they do not even think of where he or she comes from, especially in the South America.

Is Rio +20 a success ?

I don't know, but the newint.org reported that it was a failure because the money speaks for all. Therefore, my feeling is Esperanto also needs money to talk and I shall buy more lotery tickets and hope one day I would strike the lotery and able to use the million ringgit to tell the government or the woman and man in high quality suits to do as what I want.

Too bad, isn't it ? But it is the real fact.

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