07 October 2012

Would the Malaysia Indigenous people listen to it ?

I am very sure they would not.

It is not because I am pessimistic but it is the reason that most of the people who are racing around these innocent people are mostly Westerners.

Over 40% of the under five years old living in the Penan villages due to be flooded at Murum are malnourished and 12% are severely malnourished, according to yet another shocking report that the government has attempted to keep secret.

Report from Sarawak Report

But they are rather prefer to let lots of unfortunate figures to flood the Internet to attract the sympathy of the readers.

If they are from Malaysia like the COAC, the management staff are also western educated. One of the famous politicians in Sarawak Baru Bian is also a native, Iban but he was educated in Australia and his children are also in Australia to receive the tertiary education.

Now you can see how rich they are, besides education Down Under, United Kingdom is another choice of theirs, now the tuition fee is also skyrocketing.

I left this link in the facebook comment of the 3 groups, the Sarawak Radio, The Asian Indigenous group and also the Brunor Manser Funds.

If you believe in God, pray that the God will tell them that Esperanto is the best way to help them get out of their current situation. Within a year, almost a who village of dwellers are able to communicate with the world. It is only them that they can help themselves out of the situation.

Mind you, the Penan has no written language, and with the learning of Esperanto, they know how to create the writing form of their own tribal language before it is lost in silence.

Please check against who finances the Radio Sarawak, the Brunor Manser Funds and forget the International Indigenous group and also the Asia group. These so called International Indigenous groups would not listen at all, they still believe the imperialism language can save their lives.

Perhaps, those who are on the front line and management staff are not truly indigenous people. How many percent of indigenous people would have the chance to educated to that high level of English ?

Frankly speaking, I am tired of the Malaysia Indigenous group as they are fully manipulated by the politicians, whether the current government or the opposition. Despite of the fact that there are few of my friends to urge me not to give up to convince the indigenous people to learn Esperanto,but how I can pass through these front line people, who are controlled by the western minds.

Ignorance is the best to control isn't it ?


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