11 October 2012

Devu ŝanĝi la programojn de kongresoj

Not truly have a good picture of the Esperantujo. However, that, as the sun sets and rises again, the impression of the Esperantujo deserves more to be improved.

This post would just talk about the congress events. There are lots of kongresoj in the world, almost one in each month on average.

What are these participants do during the congress ?

Play and Enjoyment are the main focus of the participants as the advertisements for the event would also say so. Only work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yes, we need to have amusement and enjoyment. But, the celo is not that, is it?

I did not attend any TEJO events but only came close to it in Hanojo because I thought it was in the same venue but the World Youth Esperanto Congress was moved out to another location. As a result, I did not even feel like to take the trouble to search for it. It was very much the 97a UK, when the curtain was down, to be very frank, I did not participant in the closing ceremony, that I was not too happy about the programmes.

Let bygones be bygones. But here are few suggestions that I would like to make and at the same time to ask as well.

Can all the kongresoj be aimed to do some charity work in the area where the kongreso is held ?

The picture said something even you don't read Chinese language. You can just see the US army is doing something for the local people wherever they go.

Well, Esperanto is a language,it cannot be in the charity work, but Esperantists are not. They can let green star flies in every corner of the world.

I wrote about it in the past and it is a bit enuigi to repeat so often. The only question is just like my earlier post, how many Esperantists are from the rural areas?

Sitting in front of the computer and filing the facebook and twitters with updates would not really touch the life of people.

Ask yourself, who needed Esperanto the most at the moment of time ?

Kiuj bezonu esperanton pli urĝa tuj ol ? La riĉaj homoj ?

Se la esperantistoj uzas unu horo en semajno por fari projeckton de komuna, tiel estas la promoca de la internacia lingvo, la plej granda uzo, la homoj povas kontakti esperanton persone kaj amikeco vivas pli.

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