23 October 2012

Kiel vi promocas esperanton ?

My friends asked me: Are you going insane ?

Well, if you look at the pictures, you know that what the insane is meant for.

Yes, I am closing to insanity now.

I did not know what other esperantist did to promote the Esperanto. After several failed attempts, I came up with the T-shirt promotion. I printed the word Esperanto in various languages and wear it on the streets, shopping malls.

There are people curious to look at it and some may, hopefully go home and search the web for the word Esperanto in his/her native languages.

Thus, I did not know thus far how the Esperantists do for the daily promotion. If the esperanto speakers are poor and do not have money to go for the advertisement. then do it on the live basis.

Now, I have 8 T-shirts which printed with Esperanto and they are almost my uniform for going out to the town.

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