01 October 2012

Esperanto en Filipinio

Someone happily posted a blog with Esperanto in the Philippines. If I did not know that the Phillipines has bilingual as the first language, I would be happy.

But sadly, I was not happy at all.

It is so difficult to learn  if English is chosen as a official language, however, the Phillipines has two official languages, in short, all the citizens must learn two languages in order to survive, or can they chosen either one ?

The report of KAEM said that they went to the UP to start the Esperanto course, but what had it happened now ?

But more native languages are killed by means of official languages, would the Esperantists in the Phillipines come out to do something about it ?

The governement is under the pressure again from the super power country ?

Look, how the indegenous people are living, needless to say their languages can be protected. The KAEM can do something, but I do not put the hope there.

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