06 October 2012

Why not learn from Lord Bobo

Kial ne lernu el Lorda Bobo?

Yes, I devote this post to the Lord Bobo, which sounds so Esperanto and should say praise the Lord BB.

Lord Bobo is one of the members of the loyarburok.com which is also being abused by the New Straits Times in Malaysia for destablising the government. All of the burokkers are affected by this unfounded report by a pro-government daily newspaper.

The loyarburok,com is managed by lots of volunteers, especially the contribution of articles from around the world. Yes, though it is mainly a Malaysia based blawg however, it is cared by the Malaysians and mind sounded individuals of the world too.

When I was out of the country, I do kiss Lord BB daily and caress it with my mouse. The technology has brought us from far to near. We are do it for free and we, burokkers are emptying our pockets too to pay for the reading online in cyber cafe.

Huh, I am talking too much about politics, ain't I ? Ho, to me, the word politics now is not so high class like in the past, the word politics to my understanding is the dividing of resources. Yes, we politics daily when we are conscious from the dreamland. We decided on the clothe we wear, the tooth paste we use and the breakfast we eat.

Well, the Esperantists, I am just sharing with you how the loyarburok.com can survive in this harsh bad economy era. They have about 400 contributors from all sectors, movie review, song critics, political analaysis, fun and of course, Esperanto articles to introduce to the Malaysian readers. The only English online 'magazine' which allows Esperanto to surface on it.

I know many Esperantists are working very hard too for the good cause of international understanding, however, there might be something to learn from Lord BB to see how it moves so good and gracefully in the event of promoting democracy.

As far as I know, most Esperanto magazines, online or published are managed by full-time staff and the salary is the big part of the trouble if the magazine cannot sell well. What is worse, when there is no advertisement revenues.

Therefore, I suggest to the Esperantists to take a look of how the loyarburok,com manages the site and the activities. You can write to Lord BB and other writers if you like too to discuss about the loyarburok survival.

I, personally like to read magazine with all kinds of info, from hardcore of politics to 'soft porn' of song review and history or geography that can enlighten my thirst of the outside world.

I do not think my dear Esperantists, you can believe that loyarburok has more than 400 contributors ranging from very active to sleepy one, like me.

Therefore, it is good to think and review and change and go on the next direction.

Fakte, la Lorda BB konesentis min por la esperanta paĝo, bedaŭrinde, mi ne povas traduki la artikolojn el la paĝo. Mi ankaŭ diris al kelkajn esperantistojn por helpi min. Bedaŭrinde, imo da artikoloj bezonu la terminarojn kiuj la esperantistoj ne povas kompreni en mia lando.

Konkludo, mi devu atendi por la lokaj esperantistoj kiuj nur povas helpi tiun.

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