12 October 2012

The Nobel Peace Prize is going something wrong ?

Many people got a shock when the peace prize was announced just as the literature prize too. Putting aside the literature prize, the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to European Union has many complaints come in.

I am not the politician, but certainly feel neither happy nor sad for the committee of selection.

The Red Cross Internatinal got the Peace Prize but Esperanto was kicked out for more than 10 times.

The question now to ask what the criteria of awarding this award.

EU is facing so much of problems now. The problem would not be just started yesterday. It was happened in the past and dragged into today.

What about Esperanto, Nobel Prize Committee. Most of the time, the nomination of Esperanto would have fallen into the technical problem and was not even have the chance to enter final selection.

Fine, just go on for this 'fair' selection and see more people are suffering in the European with the lesser fortune ones. Esperanto can make a country into bilingual in 100 hours for the latin based languages and a maximum 200 hours for the non-latin based.

Could not Esperanto be getting the Economy Nobel Prize ?


  1. 100 hours won't make you bilingual. They can make you produce hardly readable texts by using the dictionary for each word.
    You cannot expect to be treated seriously coming with absurd statements like that (which were debunked by UEA members themselves).

  2. Read this