20 October 2012

Esperanto receives the Nobel Economy Prize

The Nobel Peace prize drew many criticism. It is time that the Nobel Prize committee need to look and consider seriously about the prizes that they awarded to the respective fields.

I think Esperanto did not contest in this year Nobel Peace prize. Thus, there is nothing to talk about but the picture said it all. A good picture speaks a thousand words.

The internet age, in click of the mouse, all the cats know what are happenings on every corner of the world. Therefore, the Nobel Prizes should have a better representation in it.

Esperanto should contest in the economy section with the reasons below:

  1. Esperanto helps the people to gain better brain development, reduce the old age dementia problems, thus, save more money and reduce the stress of the family members, this is the external economy.
  2. Esperanto helps to save lots of money to achieve bilingual in every country. With 200 hours, all the people in each country is bilingual. For learning languages, the propaedeutic effects save a lots of money. For example, learn Esperanto first and follow by English can save 40% of the time. If learning English for Asians need two thousand hours (2000), it can be reduced by 40% of time, it needs only 8 years instead of 16 years to learn English, the imperialism language.
  3. Esperanto helps to communicate better with the world as it has less confusion due to the less synonyms and antonyms. It reduces many mis-communication especially for the business sector. Less legal cases and reduce the time and these are all money.
  4. Esperanto helps to train more linguists via the propaedeutic efffects.
  5. Esperanto helps to reduce the sexual harassment and less stress is appearing and thus more happiness and high unforeseen economy.
  6. Esperanto is protecting the mother tongue or the tribal languages, thus, the wisdom and the culture of each tribe is maintained, and the enormous economy is unable to be measured. Take China for example, they cannot decode the Manchuria documents in the Forbidden City as there is no more Manchurian able to read the imperialism language of the 300 years .

The economy should not measure from the monetary term, where happiness can not be measure. Therefore, Bhutanis economy poor country but the highest happiness country.

The Economy prize of Nobel is here by awarded to ESPERANTO , the International Language,la internacia lingvo. The Nobel Prize committee congratulate the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA)

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