14 October 2012

Indoneziaj esperantisoj devu labori pli diligentaj

Gratuloj al la registaro de indonezio pro forlasi instruado de angle en la elementaj lernejo ekde venonta jaro, t.e. 2013.

It is nice to know that Indonesia government schools are going to 'omit' learning English language in the elementary schools. I felt happy because the children are going to get less 'torture' of English irregular verbs and certainly the irregularity of pronunciation too.

By such act, many parents in Indonesia would complain about it, especially the elite families. This would be a vital time for the Indonesia Esperantists to propose the teaching of Esperanto instead of English language, an imperialism language and such hegemony would not bring any good effect to the regions.

If Indonesia schools introduce Esperanto in the school curriculum, it would certainly bring many challenges to the neighboring countries, like Malaysia and other ASEAN region. This would make communication easier and of course, save lots of money in the investment of foreign language learning. Of course, making trading more easier with less communication breakdowns.

As Nicole Else pointed out that it should begin with an easy language as the first foreign language, if Indonesia Esperantists can submit the findings and research to the government, it would help to speed up the Esperanto speakers in the region.
According to short film here, it is only the South East Asia region has the highest number of English speakers but as far as I know of, it is not true. If take Singapore as a whole of 3 millions of people, it would be a big question that English is so widely speaking in SEA region. One out of ten ASEAN countries, only two little countries, Singapore and Brunei Darulsalam uses GCE syllabus, the other eight countries are putting English as a second or foreign language, but the Vietnamese Esperantists need to explain thissituation for us.

Any good business people would know if your investment does not bring in better returns, it would be a lost in the legal account. Most non-Latin speakers need more than 16 years to learn English language and it might not be all can control well of this hegemony language. However, all can learn Esperanto within 200 hours or even less than this amount, the investment and the returns are high.

Certainly, there are many elites wanted to control the people and they are shouting a lots. But a caring government would and should consider the general people and after-all, the Esperanto has the good propaedeutic effect for the language learning and the people are free to choose the third foreign languages. For the elites who love English so much, they can go on for the imperialism languages like English, French etc. The great treasures of a country is thus derived from the effect of Esperanto.

I just have to keep my fingers crossed for the next action from the Esperantists in Indonesia. However, the comments from the readers on the Jakarta Post would worry me and other parents as well. They speculate that the government would bring in the Arabic language to replace English. I think this is a step backward instead moving forward to the 21st century ofequality.

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