02 July 2012

Traduko en esperanto

This is not my first post about the translation of esperanto. I did not read the bona lingvo of the late Dr Piron that translation of esperanto should be used with the words that are already have in the esperanto in order not to create unnecessary vocabulary for the users of Esperanto to remember.

By doing so, it is very similiar to Chinese language that I know of. Furthermore, using the English sound to create a new word in Esperanto is unwised because this is promoting English instead of Esperanto.

Here is the example, many like to use futbalo for football, why not use piedpilko ? foot in Chinese is 足ball is 球and football is 足球.

For the Malay language in my country, it is translated into kickball, bolasepak, for football because the ball is kick but not throw.

Chinese language has even larger vocabulary band than English, but most of the translations still based on the similiar pattern. If it is the name of the product, the Chinese would either use the sound of the word or may created another name for it by studying the content of the product or the meaning of it. For example, the computer was initially translated as the brain of the electric 电脑 and also use the meaning of compute 计算,it becomes 计算机.

Many senior Esperantists are also using that in many articles and facebook, of course, I don't know how we would tell the world Esperanto is easy to learn by creating more and more words instead of using the brain storming pattern to let the readers think for a while and get the meaning of it withour checking the dictionary.

For facebook, Chinese language has many synonyms and you may find it in such translation 脸书,面子书,面簿。


  1. It is a characteristic trait of undeveloped languages, which still have a inferiority complex, to make up complex, totally unviable terms for simple, international things. Obviously, such words are derided by true speakers of those languages.
    You effectively put Esperanto to the same laughable position, insisting on use of made-up crap words like "pi'ed'pi'lko" instead of normal word each sane person on this planet use.

    1. Shall i said that you are silly or insane ? You should tell the UNESCO to pull down the recognation of Esperanto and promote Esperanto as an auxiliary language of the world.

      You are such a person would challenge the professional people in the UNESCO.

      Go on and tell those people they are wrong.

      I would like to remind you that my blog is not a space for argument of insanity.

      You can leave more comment in the TEX Nederlando.