11 July 2012

Is this joke true ?

I saw the picture format in the facebook circulating fast. I did not want to put the picture here but just the link of the page which told the story.

Do you believe it ?

I might be.

I met people who learn English for 20 years and still cannot differentiate I am, I are and I is.

Just imagine that is a waste of time and effort.

Of course, my government and future government is also poisoned by the past colonial master to make English compulsary pass in the SPM level and MUET in the university but to my surprise no students opposed it like in China. The parents and students are equally welcome the torture of English language learning.

If the Prime Minister of Japan was really in that situation, he should know the problem and make Esperanto as a subject for all Japanese, of course, there is not shortage of teachers in Japan for Esperanto, the Oomoto followers can help to train more.

But I think the government of Japan does not like Oomoto and the past incidents are making them afraid to introduce Esperanto.

If you are a good government, why you are afraid of people to overthrow you ??

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