13 July 2012

Esperanto lesson in JCI, Teluk Intan, Malaysia

The short course of the Esperanto which was organised by the Junior Chamber International in Teluk Intan,Malaysia ended last week.

After teaching many short courses of Esperanto, I realised that Malaysians are not very independent in learning. Most of them are still depending on the teacher.

Despite most learners are able to  access the internet, they don't even bother to take a look of lernu.net or kurso.com.br.

I was very unhappy about the attitudes of these learners, but on the reviewing, it is the education system in Malaysia that had trainned these parrots micmiking learning styles.

Well, it has to change the system before the online learning can fully function in Malaysia. For the youngsters, they would lied to the parents of learning Esperanto, but they would either play the facebook online games or other online games.

Less learning materials in Malaysia is also causing the learners not so active. If there are books and magazines on the streets, these might interest them, yes, we talk about environmental issue and go online.

But sorry, I still prefer some paper books but not digital books. The battery will go off and there might have new software to upgrade before can read another digital book.

Who will gain in the final stage, the manufacturers. The mass of the people are still not able to control it.

Therefore, do not let the printing machine stop singing in the printing room.

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